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    RMJ Beserker

    RMJ Berserker Never Used Coyote Brown with Grey Cerakote Shipped to your door $750
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    **Price Drop**2021 RMJ Shrike

    N I would consider trade for an RMJ raven or kestrel trail light
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    Stealth Spike Axe with Sculpted Maple Handle and Caswell Finish year 2013 some light scuff marks from the sheath sat in car car for 5 years in its sheath. Hasn’t cut anything. Some wear on the handles and a couple of marks on the maple handles. $sold shipped and insured. CONUS By...
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    **Price Drop**2021 RMJ Shrike

    Brand Spanking New 2021 Shrike NIB only opened for pictures and then immediately back in box. Coyote Brown handles Grey Cerakote blade CONUS only $599 to your door priority and insured USPS "By purchasing you are stating that you are of legal age and that is legal for you to purchase and...
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    MMHW Paramedic Axe

    Originally I couldn’t remember the name of this model. I saw the wing version on a post and thought this might be a one off. But then someone mentioned it was called the paramedic axe so I edited it. sorry for any confusion this one is sold
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    MMHW Paramedic Axe

    Going to be dead honest. I have no idea what steel this is. 18 inches with 9-1/2 in blade. https://mineralmountain.com/shop/ols/products/mmhw-paramedic-axe-rescue-sere-ems/v/PARA-AXE-BLC-PHN
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    MMHW Paramedic Axe

    Cool design. It’s a sturdy axe. Would make a good bedside companion. I Coated it in Ren Wax to preserve the steel. $119 plus shipping. Some scuff marks from sheath but never use.
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    i cant leave feed back because of URL issue

    Not sure why it wont tke ths URL when I trying to leave feedback for the buyer. I go to the posting i made, and then copy the URL from the address bar then paste it. And it keeps saying invalid. https://www.bladeforums.com/threads/sold-used-hinderer-xm-18-cheap.1768879/
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    Sold Used Hinderer XM-18 Cheap!

    Priced to move: Well loved and carried Hinderer XM-18. Not sure which steel this was but it’s around 5 years old. I replaced a bunch of the screws with factory blue anodized ones. I’ll throw in the originals for a deal. BONUS: Also I will throw in a lightly used titanium Scuba Pro dive knife...
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    Califonia Hinderer Maximus question

    Thank you for the info. I was more worried about its likeness to a switch blade. I know it doesn't have a spring loaded button but it is deployed by a push of the finger and it has no other way to be opened. No thumb stud like the XM or a protruding blade ( blade is fully concealed by the...
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    California Hinderer maximus carry question

    Here is my thinking. The XM 18 has the same mechanism but also has a thumb stud and it's built to be opened either by flipping or pulling open with opposite hand or pushing open with thumb. It has options. The Maximus fully encapsulates the blade when closed. There is no portion sticking out to...