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    The Khukri, by John Powell

    I remember JP ,he was a good friend!We talked on the phone & emailed quite a bit. SMOKE,JP & I tried many times to get together but too many things kept getting in the way! JP was quite well known in England,he contacted me one time, quite excited, he was asked to go thru the HISTORICAL SECTION...
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    A practical guy and his SAK

    I'm 77 & usually edc a SAK EVO S18....no other SAK wanted, or needed! Sometimes,I know where I'm going & will need a larger knife,I'll take a larger knife along.Could I get along with a smaller knife probably...but why?? I have no desire to prove I can get by with something like a penknife when...
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    If you had to pick one Victorinox, which one would it be?

    Sigh,after watching Allen C go "NUTS" on what is his favorite..I have an answer that will satisfy everyone(exception will be JK)! No matter how many SAKS a person owns...his favorite will be the one he has in his pocket at that particular time!This answer I believe covers "ALL"the bases!! I...
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    Do you keep SAK spares?

    A "billion " & a "zillion"....ya'll really like to exaggerate!! I will just say during tax season if I was your CPA I would make a point of really going over your accounts! 22-Rim,misplace my S18!! Ain't gonna happen, it's in my pocket ,at night it's taken out of my pocket & put in the same...
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    Cadet X???

    Lee....LOL!! Sorry,JK's fault!!
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    Do you keep SAK spares?

    No,I only have one S18! It's yellow handle prevents me from losing it!EDC & put in the same place at night so I don't have to find it in the morning!Don't really need a spare. I like the S18 better than any other SAK so I'm a happy camper! Only reason for me to get a spare ! S18 is if SAK...
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    Cadet X???

    It has a knife blade!No,it's NOT a pocketknife...it's a multitool! with a sheath.There are SAK's that also are too large to pocket carry &SAK makes sheaths for them.
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    Cadet X???

    JK, You don't "need" a Cadet X!! The SAK you have been carrying & professing how superior it was..is...to other SAK'S is all you need!! You get a Cadet X...& in a month you will be on the prowl for a DIFF.SAK! You have your P-38,a Sears round screwdriver set & your SAK,BE SATISFIED!Sigh, I...
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    Why does Victorinox play hard to get with the perfect SAK?

    I have the PERFECT SAK!! I have the EVO S18.....at least it's perfect for me!! EDC,use it quite a bit....I ck.the SAK forum weekly ...to ck.up on JK'S frustration!LOL....told him to get a S18 & his SAK problems are soved! I have no burning desire to have any other SAK.
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    Once you go SAK, do you ever go back?

    JK, I understand what you are saying...but...with me it's not THE age factor! I have" never "put up with crap!If I had a firearm for EDC that failed to fire I stripped it cked.it out made sure it wasn't me....then tested it !Usually got rid of it.I don't believe in luck or...
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    Once you go SAK, do you ever go back?

    I only have an SAK-EVO....works fine...however"IF"I had the problems JK had....I would probably think of changing my EDC! His P38...& Leatherman covers all his needs!I'm 76 & find I can make do & don't put up with things that break when they shouldn't!
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    Cheez,you remind me of when I was a kid....you won't understand OR approve of what I'm going to post!In my collection & have a # of large bladed knives! As I GOT OLDER .....my EDC blades AND guns have gotten smaller.....big blades AND guns can be a pain to conceal for edc. My little brother was...
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    Help! What shaving razor do you use?

    Guys, I did the knife shaving bit 35yrs ago...TWICE, ONCE with a custom bowie,next with a folder.....didn't cut myself.....I've also DONE the dry shaving bit!! Ya'll want to do that!!Fine ,go for it!Me,I'm old & have (I hope)gotten smarter! I like my razors..I like my shaving soap AND...
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    leatherman super tool

    I found my first multitool, it's a black Rebar & has no date anywhere! I didn't even know I still had it...it's that old!Change that to ..I'm that old!!
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    Little SAK's and old school tech.

    SIGH...it never ends!
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    Little SAK's and old school tech.

    JK, I'm a little different...followed your adventures with peanut & other stuff!Always had a knife...since I was 5yrs.old.Anyhow,I really tried the peanut, never cared for it...it was just "too"small for me.Could I make it work...of course.....but why??My SAK S18 is as small as I ever want...
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    Most use of the SAK.

    Believe it or not I use the small file on my S18 quite often!It's great for untying knots! It's also great for getting things out of tight places! Jim
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    Ranger vs Mountaineer or?

    Ck.out the SAK EVO S18....JK caused me to think about getting a SAK! I looked at most of those that I felt made sense for me to EDC! After much thought & comparisons to other SAK's I chose the S18! It's been my edc !! It's not bulky, all the tools are useful,evo grip is secure to hold, one more...
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    I didn't carry my executive yesterday.

    JK, It's a Leatherman Squirt you NEED....NOT ...that SAK you carry!!! MY ANSWER(listen to my response)..PA-TOOEEY!!
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    I didn't carry my executive yesterday.

    Nope.... I don't buy it!!YOU....who does things the same way...ALL the time..."FORGETS" to put your BELOVED EXECUTIVE in your pocket!!Righttt...I would accept that statement from ANYONE but you!Sigh....I've been thru your peanut time ,Buck stockman,Italian phase & OPIE...time! I've read every...