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    Dashain special for 8/29--Pix and win win deals

    EMS for Bag Marne Churi (tiger killer) Knife, 12 inch 14 ounce Pacthar knife by Manoj, and 9.5 inch 8 ounce Pacthar Knife by Manoj. Got DD.
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    Please send prayers for my brother Jeevan

    Sending prayers...get well soon!
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    Howard and Danhua warm welcome to Reno

    Good visit and everybody looked great.
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    Send smoke and prayers for Bura Kami

    Smoke and prayers for Bura Kami. I will take his blade and go chop some wood tomorrow.
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    Bilton Review

    What Is Biltong and Is It Healthy? By Toby Amidor https://www.msn.com/en-us/foodanddrink/tipsandtricks/what-is-biltong-and-is-it-healthy/ar-BBVSGew?ocid=spartandhp
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    Friendship offerings from Father for 2/27

    EMS for Ultimate Fighter and Gopte. Got DD.
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    4 blems for 2/26--Pix and bonus buy

    EMS for SEAX, Pach Chirra and Baby Suga. Got DD, sorry Bawanna.
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    12th day of Christmas deals

    EMS for 32 inch 46 ounce Tibetan Sword by Kumar. Satisal wood handle. $195. Done Deal.
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    8 axes for sale - lincoln, legitimus, plumb, kelly perfect, and more

    I will take the 5. Plumb 3.5 lb SB with phantom bevels Dayton pattern Hate to let this one go too....don't want to might change my mind. $50
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    Huge Income Tax Refund Opportunity for 3/9

    EMS for Reti Karda and Wajaski Sword by Kumar.
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    Please send smoke and prayers for Bigbore577 and his family

    Saddened by this sudden news, smoke and prayers for Bigbore and his family.
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    Valentine's Day Gift

    EMSed for Pen Knife, MMCR, Kumar Karda and Sarge Knife. Got DD, I just bought a small lot:).
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    Liberty Series Knives for 1/31

    Thank you Mr. B, LS-2 look great in your hand.
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    Liberty Series Knives for 1/31

    EMS and got DD for LS-2.
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    Smoke / prayer request for the Bookie family

    Smoke and prayers sent for Bookie's son and family.
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    Stick Knife

    Thanks Phil, there is another stick knife being offered today.
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    Stick Knife

    Thanks all for the kind words. Got the Done Deal from Aunty!
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    Stick Knife

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    Smoke request for Pala

    Prayers for Pala and family.