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    Hand forged bottle openers

    Got them, they look great, already have put them to use. Thanks again!
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    Hand forged bottle openers

    I just sent off paypal for my 3, looking forward to getting these
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    Hand forged bottle openers

    Hi, can I order 3? Gotta get some gifts for the crew and these look like just the thing for a cold one on a hot summer afternoon
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    [SPF]: Kephart Inspired Camp Knife In 154CM

    Hargh, too slow! Do you have another like this?
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    All Sold - Thanks! ...AEBL and 52100 Blanks for sale Gyuto and Fillet

    I'll take #3! I will send you an email to the address above
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    Bagwell inspired fighter-SOLD

    Oops, I missed this one! Would you be interested in doing another like this? You can email me at bowdude1300 at gmail.com
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    Uruk Hai Campaign Knife

    Dang it! Bill, if you do another one just like this, I'm in!
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    Japaneese style knives

    Hello, how hard are these knives?
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    More knife blanks - Heat treated - Mostly 52100

    If you got any more 52100 kitchen knife blanks like 1 or 2 let me know! bowdude1300 (at) gmail dot com
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    All Sold / Landi PSK / Black Micarta JRE Leather $59

    I will take one if still available! I will email you very shortly
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    Odds, Ends, and Factory 3rds sale

    If you have a hawk, I'll take it!
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    EDC Knife - 105$

    Never mind, operator error here, I just paypal'd you the funds, plus address in the comments.
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    EDC Knife - 105$

    Hi I just tried paypaling you, but it's not letting me finish the transaction. Do I need to be removing the periods from your email/paypal address? The a.r.g.u.scustomknives part.
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    EDC Knife - 105$

    I will take this if it's still available! I will paypal you tomorrow, as I'm heading to bed
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    Razor & Damascus blank SOLD

    Darn it too slow, any more blanks, preferably in a bigger size?
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    Blades for sale

    How much is that last blade that you're holding, the one with the wide hidden tang?
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    Wrought Iron! All Grades and Thicknesses!

    paypal sent on 3 bars of Grade B 1 and 3 bars of Grade B2!
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    Wrought Iron! All Grades and Thicknesses!

    OK, let me get 3 bars of Grade B 1, and 3 bars of Grade B 2. I will need your paypal please!
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    Wrought Iron! All Grades and Thicknesses!

    I'm not smart apparently, I sent a message to myself! Can you post what's left, I want several bars please.