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  1. Bulldog18

    Fellhoelter Pens

    I'll take the Ti Bolt deluxe!!
  2. Bulldog18

    Sharp Finger Style SOLD

    Payment sent!
  3. Bulldog18

    Sharp Finger Style SOLD

    Awesome blade! I will take this one!
  4. Bulldog18

    26C3 little harpoon (SOLD)

    Beautiful blade brother!!👍🔥
  5. Bulldog18

    26C3 little bowie

    Beautiful work Jeremiah!!
  6. Bulldog18

    8 available

    I'll take the Arcform catalyst!
  7. Bulldog18

    26C3 harpoon (SOLD)

    Awesome Blade brother!!
  8. Bulldog18

    Dark Timber Comanche ***SOLD***

    Payment sent Thanks!
  9. Bulldog18

    W2 harpoon (SOLD)

    Beautiful work brother!! Congrats!
  10. Bulldog18

    *SOLD*Wicklow- AEB-L with Black Palm

    I'll take this!
  11. Bulldog18

    Busse TGULB Competition Finish+Black G10

    I will take the TGULB per agreed! Payment sent! Thanks!
  12. Bulldog18

    Fun Friday Sale! Delta 3V Flipper!!!!!!!!

    Wow!! Awesome Flipper! I need one of these! Congrats to tigris
  13. Bulldog18

    Hand forged bottle openers

    Payment sent brother!
  14. Bulldog18

    Hand forged bottle openers

    I will take one Joshua!
  15. Bulldog18

    W2 harpoon

    Congrats! Beautiful work Jeremiah!!!