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  1. evilgreg

    Recommendation? Sharpener

    The Ruby 320 stones from congresstools were like $6 when I bought them and they work great in the Sharpmaker (they're under triangular stones, 0.5" IIRC).
  2. evilgreg

    Recommendation? Sharpener

    I have a pile of different guided sharpening systems and free hand bench stones and whatnot, and every sort of strop and polishing compound. For one guided system I have something like a dozen different grits, for another something like twenty. That said, nowadays I use coffee cups for...
  3. evilgreg

    Drop Shut?

    A light shake or two shut is my happy place. I have plenty of knives that fall shut if tilted 0.01 degrees off the vertical, and usually I add tension to the lock bar or over tighten the pivot to get them to taking a shake to close. If I don't over tighten my ZT 0850 it falls shut with scary...
  4. evilgreg

    Tacticlol Knives II: The Return of Ridiculous

    I would rather hear "enemy spotted" than "we're going to have to move through these quickly, I have a hundred and fifty-six slides to get through".
  5. evilgreg

    Pet peeve of the day - blade coatings

    I'm mostly with you, but I do like partial coatings making a two-tone look on some knives and I've come to really like blackwash type finishes were the blade is coated then stonewashed or whatever. It's a nice in between, the coating isn't sticky in cuts, the blade is darkened for style points...
  6. evilgreg

    Recommendation? New Knife Time

    Olamic gives you so many options to customize it's crazy. Piranha makes nice knives at great prices. I wasn't super into out-the-side autos, but after @The Aflac Duck kept posting pictures of his Piranha X I had to have one and I'm glad I bought it. IMO it's a goldilocks sort of thing, not...
  7. evilgreg

    Recommendation? New Knife Time

    Here's an assortment of great knives that have one thing or another to love them for: Piranha X Auto: Olamic Swish: LionSteel TiSpine integral: Kabar Wrench Knife: Mr. Blade Pike:
  8. evilgreg

    Help me choose my next woods knife

    I'm not a fan of honking thick full tang knives for the woods, myself, though I own a few. The TRC South Pole (Elmax, made in Lithuania) is very nice if that's your sort of thing. Outside of feeling cool in hand I haven't found heavy knives all that useful in my life. For 99.99% of the things...
  9. evilgreg

    Recommendation? Neck Knife That "Looks Like Hannibal Would Carry It"

    I carry the regular steel version of that one sometimes and it's a very nice little knife. The deep finger choil threw me at first, but it's fine in use. There is also this smaller one from Perrin in damascus as well...
  10. evilgreg

    Recommendation? Neck Knife That "Looks Like Hannibal Would Carry It"

    Another damascus neck knife option:
  11. evilgreg

    Online picture vs knife-in-hand appreciation

    An example for me would be this knife, the full size Begg Steelcraft Bodega (though the same goes for the small one): I feel weird about disliking the appearance of something well made and heavily ornamented in a variety of ways, but the total overall effect is off putting to me. The knives...
  12. evilgreg

    Tacticlol Knives II: The Return of Ridiculous

    Here's the other side of that seven pound beauty:
  13. evilgreg

    What's your favorite locking mechanism and why?

    1. Anything that's not the compression lock 2. Because all locks work fine if executed correctly and I hate the compression lock
  14. evilgreg

    Tacticlol Knives II: The Return of Ridiculous

    I can't believe I missed the second video. This is amazing. So the section that is not sharpened is specifically for a backhand throat cutting punch through strike to prevent, during that frequently used maneuver, the blade getting stuck in the victim's throat. This knife just gets more...
  15. evilgreg

    Tacticlol Knives II: The Return of Ridiculous

    I think you can kick it up a notch. If you make a mistake grinding in a jimp you should just pretend it was on purpose and call it "probabilistic dynamic variable jimping".
  16. evilgreg

    FS: LUM Chinese, ATR

    I'll take the Native Chief.
  17. evilgreg

    Best bang for your buck

    I'm torn between suggesting the absolute cheapest knife I think is great or the absolute best knife that somewhat reasonably priced so I'll split the difference and suggest this knife at ~$25, the Buck 110 Slim Select in a subtle, tasteful, hard to lose blaze orange:
  18. evilgreg

    Hogue Compound G-10 OTF

    I like to really consider before I answer a question.