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    Shapton 12k seems coarser than the 5k

    I think what happened is that I am just used to using very soft waterstones. When I flatten my Norton 220/1K on a piece of sandpaper, the 1000 side ends up feeling a lot rougher than it should, and leaves a coarser edge, but only for a little bit, and as I continue to grind on it, it smooths...
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    Shapton 12k seems coarser than the 5k

    I just got a 5k and 12k of the Shapton Ha No Kuromaku, and it seems like the 12k is actually coarser than the 5k, both in terms of the feel while honing, as well as the finish it leaves. When I first got them, I didn't think they felt very fine, but I had no basis of comparison since I've only...
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    Rat II D2 Blade Tip Clearance

    Mine has this problem too and got bit exactly the way you were describing today
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    Additional stone for my sharpening kit?

    I would imagine you could just flatten it as you would normally with a waterstone. Flattening stone, diamond plate, or a nice smooth piece of sidewalk. Heck you could actually just rub it against the stone you broke it off from. What I'm curious about is how to break the stone without a vise...
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    SHARPAL any good?

    I'm looking at a SHARPAL diamond hone and some of the reviewers are saying the diamond flaked off after minimal usage, but I don't know if they're just the type to bear down with lots of pressure or not. Anyone here have any experience with them?
  6. K security issue

    What antivirus program are you using? Is it available for Linux? I need something for browser protection like this. Looked up the abuse email address for and it's only listed as "[email protected]" which doesn't seem valid. Apparently it's registered with "PERFECT PRIVACY, LLC"...
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    Rat 1 and Rat 2 factory edges...

    Okay I know this is kind of a silly issue to complain about for such an affordable knife, with such high quality in all other facets, but... Holy moly are the bevel angles on these uneven! I'm not talk about, "Oh yeah they were a little off and I'm a knifenut so my OCD kicked in," I mean one...
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    Ontario Rat 1 in D2 Steel Edge holding

    I haven't used a whole plethora of steels. 1095, 440C, 440A/B, AUS8, VG-1, 14C28N, and S30V. Of all those, S30V is the only one that I could compare this to. The wear resistance is definitely on par, but I'm not so sure about the toughness, I mean I haven't had problems with this chipping but...
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    Ontario Rat 1 in D2 Steel Edge holding

    Well, I have never used their Aus 8 version to say, but it's kind of a good conclusion to reach I think that no matter what heat treatment was reached on the D2 it's still probably better stuff than Aus 8 since the same manufacturer probably did the heat treat for it. I'm sure that there's some...
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    RAT II in D2 ??

    Where can I find a Zancudo in D2?
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    100/100 gaw - bonus gaw added

    Sweet, I'm in... Dunno how I am going to choose if I win though!
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    The Myth of the Overpriced Knife

    Is a ten thousand dollar can of caviar over priced? Doubt anyone here would say no but there's still people with disposable income high enough to afford it who will buy it. That's the league we're talking about when discussing these kinds of knives, because in the scope of how much normal knives...
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    Dont cut this or that

    Roof shingles Carpet Fiberglass anything Scraping the inside of a glass pipe (Some of you know what I mean) Scraping anything off anything metal Sticking your knife in a camp fire Using it as a chisel
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    Kershaw's D2 vs. Ontario's D2

    I got a couple of other new D2 RATs. I put one up in case they disappear, it was one of the ones with the G10 scales with a carbon fiber overlay. I think those were a one time run as well as the colored scaled varieties, because I got a tan one those and they're both numbered and say limited...
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    Lapping 220 grit Norton

    I used a Smiths 325 grit hone to flatten out dished spots and maybe it was just the extra small surface area concentrating all the abrasion in one spot, but the 220 eventually ground the diamonds out of the nickle substrate. Norton make their own flattening stone that costs less than a DMT...
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    Ontario rat 1 cf d2

    I got one of the normal plastic handle ones first because I never had a RAT 1 of any kind before and it made such a good impression I had to get a G10 one. First knives in D2, I am a fan.
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    Ever Progressing Edge Retention

    I have never tried any steel with better edge retention than elmax and I have to agree I still found myself touching up frequently to keep that super fine edge. On the other hand though there are certain materials and takes I won't use a steel like 1095 on because it would dull in the first...
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    RAT II in D2 ??

    I safequeened my CF one. I kind if bought it in a whim when I already had a tan one. I keep wanting to switch it up but I figure since I have the normal one I should keep it new in the box in case they turn into collectibles, but the longer the time goes by and I see no one looking for one the...
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    RAT II in D2 ??

    You guys are going to end up with all my money! I already got two RAT 1s in D2.
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    Stripped handle screws on new RAT 1 :-/

    Thanks for the suggestions so far. Only reason I really don't want to cut them is because I would have to cut into the scales too. I am going to check out that Z out screw remover kit, well maybe a fresh T6 first. The one I have is from Ace Hardware and seems really soft.