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    BHK Gent's and Fiddleback mini cleaver knives all sold

    Payment sent! Rick Cheng 28 Carver Street Raynham, MA 02767 Please send me the tracking # when you have it. Thanks!
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    Important Info! Fiddleback Friday 3/26/21 (Early Preview)

    @Fiddleback @Fiddleback Outpost The pic for the Monarch needs to be updated. It's the same pic as the Low Country listed.
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    Pairing GB chat....

    No problem, would make a great carving knife also.
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    Pairing GB chat....

    would love to take one in a scandi grind, is that an option? @VANCE
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    FBF Paring Knife group buy?

    I'm in...that should be 12. Thanks!
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    Important Info! SS Loner GB thread...CLOSED!!!!

    Was gonna take the mystery scales too, I have a feeling that it might be the one with the bolsters. ;)
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    Important Info! SS Loner GB thread...CLOSED!!!!

    Black Canvas commando, please!
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    SS Loner group buy?

    black canvas commando?
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    Attention Small Guy Group Buy ***CLOSED****

    no swedge on mine Esquire, please.