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    SOLD: Mini MUK LE

    Satin Finish: INFI Mini MUK (Tan & Black G10) Purchased from another forum member / Unused & New Condition (includes original protective mesh & tactical cardboard) / Hand Applied Satin / Tan & Back G10 ***SOLD*** Price includes CONUS shipping Ergo Mini Muk LE OAL: 8.25" Blade Length: 3.5"...
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    Sold: INFI Ratmandu FFG

    Satin Finish: INFI Ratmandu FFG (Black G10): **SOLD** Price includes CONUS shipping Purchased new from the swamp & unopened (as pictured) / Hand Applied Satin Finish / Black G10 Handle INFImandu FHFG Specs: OAL: Approx. 10 1/4" Blade Length: Approx. 5 1/4" Thickness: Approx. 3/16" Steel...
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    ***Sold*** Dog Soldier 8 ***Sold***

    ***Sold*** Purchased New & Never used, only removed from tactical cardboard for photos. Has an awesome INFI finish. ***Sold*** Dog Soldier 8 Specs: Overall Length: approx. 12.75" Blade Length: approx. 7.75" Blade Width: approx. 1.6" Steel: INFI Thickness: approx. .210" Handle Material...
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    **SOLD**Forsaken Steelheart: Nuke’d & Camo’d with Nano Fusion!!!

    All prices are shipped CONUS - Team Gemini Ultra Light Brigade: SOLD Forsaken Steel Heart (Nuclear Option): SOLD (Purchased from another member as new & Never used / 'tan' Canvas / Black Blade Coating with Shadow Camo) Forsaken Steel Heart Specs: Over All Length: Approx. 13 3/4" Blade...
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    DS8, MMS

    Pictures are up!
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    DS8, MMS

    Pictures will be posted later today but I wanted to get these listed. Price includes shipping to CONUS Mini Mean Street: (SOLD) (Purchased new & Unused / Satan Infi / Tan Canvas) Mini Mean Street: (SOLD) (Purchased new & Unused / Satan Infi / Maroon Canvas) Dog Soldier 8: $370 (Purchased...
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    Meet the MEGA Swamp Warden.... Going Live Wednesday March 18th 2020 @9:00pm Eastern Standard Time.

    I never thought this Busse recruit would look slender. Cannot unsee... Damn you Mega Swamp Warden!
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    10" bladed JackHammer

    JackHammer double post
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    10" bladed JackHammer

    Waiting on the 10 minute offer for an SR-101 version of this one.
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    ‘Tis the season

    1. Mini Mean Street 2. Elmax Game Warden 3. Infi RMD 4. Scrapavore
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    Week 48 - Spyderco FB46G Bow River - Year of Giveaways

    This has got to be the one time I win. I’m in.