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    Mixed bar stock from Admiral

    They are well known for mixing and making unauthorized substitutions. They have a fabrication, not knifemaking mentality. Call and see if you can figure out what they sent, then use a proper supplier like Alpha or Aldo.
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    Mill Suggestions

    Of those three, I'd pick the PM and add power feed. I'd skip the Sherline
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    What is stabilized wood, a practical guide

    I would leave out the word "Honestly" We assume everything you say is credible, why single out just that sentance ? It's used car salesman-ish.
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    The Youtube and Video Link thread

    Salem has a great mosaic damascus series on now. Bolo in the title. He got a better camera. We appreciate the effort for better show and tell.
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    Are there any good files left?

    BOGS It's flat rate. Flat rate shipping, flat rate processing. They do them all and charge you on the ones they think "worked" but you get them all back. If you're in the USA, it's really worth a try.
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    Yellow Delrin for Dummies

    Are the colours more vibrant than micarta and g10 ?
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    Yellow Delrin for Dummies

    I don't think you will get any glue to stick to Delrin what's wrong with G10 ?
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    Precision platen?

    That's John Perry, the one who makes the nice handle tang broaches. He's more likely to do singles or small batches than Nathan will
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    What's going on in your shop? Show us whats going on, and talk a bit about your work!

    Look at lining the insides of your boxes with white or galvanized sheet steel Brighter and easier to clean. Nicer than paint.
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    Nordik Circular Saw Blade?

    Show a photo of the teeth
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    Infrared Thermometer Recommendation?

    The temp crayons do work. My local welding shop had them in tempering range, but red hot range were special order. Don't leave them in an unheated shop, they freeze, crumble and die.
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    Infrared Thermometer Recommendation?

    No good for hot steel. They read emissivity, which varies based on surface finish. Black scale, shiny bright steel or red hot glowing, all different. specs on that unit 3.5% error, so at fifteen hundred F's that's fifty degrees error
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    Vise Grips - Made in USA again

    It's a way to roll out distribution to a wide audience and still keep profits in house. Buying shelf space at hardware stores will just put them beside the Irwin china made and folks there will buy on price.
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    Vise Grips - Made in USA again

    I know I have a lot of vise grips of every type and size. Probably 30+ if you put them all in one place I've deliberately stayed away from the store brand and no names because they just weren't as good. First made by a blacksmith in 1921 which became Peterson mfg in Dewit Nebraska, USA...
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    Stonewash Help

    I think your grit scratches are far too coarse for stone wash to work.
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    Vfd recommendations

    Yes something like that, can't recommend a brand. You could go up a size and get more rating.
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    Vfd recommendations

    If it's for the press, there is no need to control speed. I would just go for a static phase converter. Simpler, cheaper more rugged
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    Liner lock geometry resources and/or advice?

    It's on scribed a bunch of other places