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  1. BD_01

    Why Can't I Get my Sebenza 21 Shaving Sharp with the Sharpmaker?

    Is it possible you’re not fully hitting the apex with your Sharpmaker? Also, I started getting better results by staying on the medium rod longer, and only moving to fine rods once there’s a sharp (but somewhat toothy) edge. Incidentally, I recently bought the CBN rods. I’ve yet to put them to...
  2. BD_01

    POLL: Which configuration is your current carry for Small model CRK ?

    I like lanyards on my smalls, usually with a clip. My small 21 Spalted is presently clipless, but doesn’t get out much. The other two are in pocket frequently!
  3. BD_01

    Which Spyderco are you carrying today?

    You’ve got two of my “wish I hada” knives there. Nice!
  4. BD_01

    My first Spydy arrived - first impressions.

    Congrats on your first Spyderco. Don’t be surprised if your Chaparral isn’t really amenable to the spydieflick. I don’t think mine ever will be. I really like Spyderco’s FRN. I have a few Delicas and I’m on my second PacSalt. No complaints whatsoever. The Manix 2LW uses a different material...
  5. BD_01

    Do you keep your knife boxes/packaging?

    A few of ‘em. ;)
  6. BD_01

    Broken omega springs

    I broke an omega spring on a BM940 after about a month. I was doing lots of fidgeting trying to break it in, often only using one side to unlock. Cause & effect? Who knows? I sent it to Benchmade and it’s been fine for the ensuing 3+ years (though I fidget less and use both sides for unlocking).
  7. BD_01

    SpydieChef Question :)

    @20mmf17 if you’re considering buying one, I say go for it. You can add me to the list of folks that love the knife. It’s one of the few knives I own that if lost, would be repurchased immediately without hesitation. There are occasional reports of lock stick. Mine had a tiny bit out of the...
  8. BD_01

    Lum Darn Dao Flash Batch

    I wear large Mechanix gloves. I debated getting this knife for a year. I had a little extra cash built up in my guilt-free jar and knew if I never had one of these I’d regret it. Mine is a total user that...errr...uhm...I just haven’t used yet. ;)
  9. BD_01

    Opposite of most disappointing knife purchase, the pleasant surprises.

    First and foremost by a wide margin was my old H1 SE PacSalt. I was expecting a ho-hum knife whose only utility was being rust proof. Man, what a great knife that proved to be! There was just something special about the size, shape, and balance. I used the crap out of the thing In all sorts of...
  10. BD_01

    The CRK Anticipation Thread - Show Your 'Inbound's!

    The dp Zaan was my first CRK too! I love it. If you get Umnumzaan thumb, don’t be discouraged! It’ll pass and the reward will be worth it!
  11. BD_01

    Lum Darn Dao Flash Batch

    I absolutely love mine. I have to admit it was mostly a frivolous purchase. In my life it’s largely a knife looking for a use...but I look forward to the day that use is found! No regretts!
  12. BD_01

    Who's got a Southern Grind Spider Monkey?

    FYI, the Benchmade MXG Gear clip makes the SGSM even mobetta!
  13. BD_01

    EDC XIII Which knife or knives are you carrying today?

    Today’s hard-use work knife:
  14. BD_01

    Spartan harsey folder is going back

    I think sending it back to the vendor is the right choice. IMO purchasing retail affords the opportunity for a return should the knife not be up standards—so far as the knife remains unassembled/unscathed. I’m glad you let us know. It doesn’t sour me to the brand, but a data point is nice.
  15. BD_01

    **SOLD** Spyderco Native Chief

    Nice sale. I really wanted this one, but low on cash ATM. Congrats to buyer & seller.
  16. BD_01

    Finally chose my first Spyderco....almost.

    I bought this guy for gifting purposes. It’s so cool that I think it’ll stick around. I don’t think I can part with it. My sample is perfectly executed. Simply perfect. As is, it’s already very thin. The FRN is thinner still? Hmmm, that might be pushing it...but it’s got to weigh next to nothing.