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  1. Shotgun

    Metal Complex de-monetized

    Seems odd a mod would buy into this propaganda. How many people have you personally banned from this site? Is it up to the members to say “enough” to you or would you agree that a private site can do as they wish? I don’t know who the YouTuber is or what he does. I thought your position was...
  2. Shotgun

    What is the holy trinity of knives?

    Why try and shoe horn a religious narrative into everything? 3 isn’t even all that great of a number. There’s more than 3 because knives are infinitely more popular than bows. ;)
  3. Shotgun

    Traditonal Folder EDC Crisis - Opinel, etc.

    I prefer the newer version. I have 2 of the 8’s and a 7 with the old lock and a 10 I just recently got with the new lock. I never really cared for the lock twisting both ways on the old version. I prefer not having to think about a knife’s mechanism or grip when I’m using it. I just want to use...
  4. Shotgun

    Are laminated Mora blades better than carbon?

    It seems to be an older model I can’t find info on. Without knowing which model it is you can’t be sure what the tang looks like. They’ve used different tangs over the years. It could be it’s just 1/3 the length of the handle. Some say to use a magnet to check the tang but that only tells you...
  5. Shotgun

    Hiking Pack Weight

    One thing men have a problem with is recognizing that going light isn’t the same as being weak. “Get stronger” is a common refrain from the ignorant and they say this to people who are in way better shape then they are.:rolleyes: The goal of going light isn’t because you can’t carry...
  6. Shotgun

    Mini kuks/trackers?

    I’ve always been interested in these designs and after looking at some old Roman knife finds was wondering how these designs work on small scale. I’ve had a full size kuk and loved it but I’m looking for something under 4 inches. The mini tracker is cool but I hate saw teeth. There’s also the...
  7. Shotgun

    Carrying a knife to the gym? (Texas)

    As for legality, talk to a lawyer. If you want to know for sure what’s what then you need to pony up the cash and talk to a pro. Do not rely on anyone here to give good legal advice. A member here from Oregon where I live tried to tell me it was okay to conceal fixed blades because it wasn’t...
  8. Shotgun

    Why Does Everyone Think 1095 is Tough?

    This guy thinks batoning is abusive but then chops and stabs with his knife? He also thinks that the knife is his primary survival tool even though he seems to favor his saw for the heavy lifting. I also wonder why he’d bother to make a wedge when you can split the wood without it. Or why he’s...
  9. Shotgun

    And Then There Were Two

    The hap40/pakkawood delica is my knife 90% of the time. It’s edge is thin and lasts forever with the upgraded steel and it’s so comfy to use you don’t even have to think about it. I rotate in a sak electrician and spyderco military every once and a while but the delica is where it’s at for me...
  10. Shotgun

    Should use boiling

    Just as a counter thought, my parents had the same set of kitchen knives for over 40 years. None of the handles received any care at all and were run through the dishwasher. I doubt any of them were ever cleaned by hand. All of the handles were intact and functioned fine. They greyed and shrank...
  11. Shotgun

    Pot Edibles to sleep ?

    Have you talked to a doctor? There are so many things to try before resulting to drugs. They’ll help you a lot more then randoms on the internet. Contrary to what some like to believe, marijuana isn’t free of side effects. In this case it can compromise your sleep cycle which means even if it...
  12. Shotgun

    Esee Expat cleaver as a compact machet/chopper?

    I didn’t read through all the posts so sorry if this was mentioned; A thin machete will give you more speed which helps with vines and lighter brambles. By thin I mean 3/32 or thinner. Light and fast is what you want. Google how to snap a machete for extra speed. Imacasa and tramontina if you...
  13. Shotgun

    Just returned from elk hunt; are we over thinking this?

    I agree with this and along the lines of some other posters talking about the restaurant industry. There’s nothing wrong with cheap knives but if your job revolves around using a tool, maintain the tool. That’s part of the job. Machinists strip down, clean and maintain there equipment on a...
  14. Shotgun

    Recommendation? The best Dulo knife for nordic use

    I’ve never heard of this maker. I’ll have to check them out. Thanks. To your question about the harder stainless steels. At the length and thickness of blade you’re looking at, none of the steels you listed will likely break in half or anything in normal use if made by someone who knows how to...
  15. Shotgun

    Once you go SAK, do you ever go back?

    Have you actually put any of these to work? This sounds like the old 1911 vs glock debate. The 1911 is heftier and all metal so it “feels” better but after shooting several of each I would never rely on a 1911. My preconceived notion on how something will work doesn’t always match reality. I’m...
  16. Shotgun

    Opinels with pocket clips

    Yeah, there are a lot of unadaptable Luddites on this site. “But that’s not how my grandpappy did things.”:confused: Cool mod. An opinel of any decent size is a pita to carry in the bottom of a pocket with all the other stuff one carries these days.
  17. Shotgun

    Off Topic What is the knife called that lust for blood?

    I’m surprised how many people don’t really get the topic of conversation here. :confused: I’ve had a few of these. I like saks but I’ve relegated them to edc and don’t use them for work or in the woods. I noticed too many times that the blade will catch and start to close on me when I’m trying...
  18. Shotgun

    Spyderco packaging

    Collectors always gotta be ruining a good thing. ;) The first thing I do when I get a knife is toss the packaging it came in. And I only buy sprint runs these days. :D My vote goes to the least amount of packaging as possible while still protecting the knife.
  19. Shotgun

    Once you go SAK, do you ever go back?

    I’m like you, if I carry a slipjoint it’s a sak. I have a nice gec but I never carry it. The sak out cuts it, carries better and while the gec is “prettier,” the fit and finish is better on the sak. I rarely carry two knives around but if I carried something in addition to the sak it would be a...
  20. Shotgun

    At nearly 69 years old - I've learned you can't beat...

    Both? For the kitchen I want stainless. I cook most of my dinners so I don’t want a fuss here. I want something that cuts well and I can abuse. That is cheap-o-stainless with good geometry. My favorite is the kiwi brand 8 inch chef’s knife. I think it’s the “Thai chefs knife.” Great geometry...