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    That time when I used 1 knife for almost 10 days

    No just put the SAK in the dishwasher along with all the other dishes. Top rack of course, or "no heat" dry.
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    Winner...And Still Heavyweight Champion...The Venerable Buck 110

    Custom Shop 110 with water buffalo scales and drop-point blade...
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    That time when I used 1 knife for almost 10 days

    The humble and inexpensive Opinel No.9 would probably handle about all your knife needs...and they weigh so very little that you don't even feel them in your belt sheath or in your pocket.
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    That time when I used 1 knife for almost 10 days

    Box cutters suck at food prep, slicing apples and avocados and sandwiches...and they're terrible for slicing blocks of cheese. And I would hate to spread peanut butter and jelly with a box cutter. Just being snarky.
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    Best knife handle

    I love Elk antler scales... Wood is great too... Micarta scales are probably the most practical...
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    Looking for a slicer recommendation.

    An Opinel or a Buck 110... This one is a Custom Shop 110, but the regular 110 cuts great too. Or maybe a Victorinox Cheese Master... Or maybe a Spyderco Pacific Salt 2...
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    EDC XIII Which knife or knives are you carrying today?

    I haven't used the saw on this one, but I have used Vic SAK saws on quite a few other models (Fieldmaster, Forester M Grip, One Hand Trekker) and they all work brilliantly.
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    EDC XIII Which knife or knives are you carrying today?

    Today it's my Victorinox Farmer X and my Spyderco Pacific Salt 2...
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    What SAK are ya totin' today?

    Not really, but I do carry in a belt pouch.
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    What will happen to your knife collection when you die?

    If I have warning, I'll give them away here on the forums.
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    Knives & Wallets

    I moved away from leather some years ago, living in the hot and humid southeast....
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    Kershaw Leek opened in my pocket and stabbed me.

    I've been there before...and now I no longer pocket carry liner-lock or frame-lock knives or compression-lock knives.
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    Blades & Bourbon

    A Classic Bourbon and my new Victorinox Farmer X...
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    What SAK are ya totin' today?

    My new Vic Farmer X from Knife Center...
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    Pick your favorite

    Pick your favorite Alox SAK.
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    So i get a free knife 300.00 or under. Suggest a great knife.

    I would kick in a bit more and buy a CR Sebenza.
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    Which knife is best for cutting meat?

    Any sharp knife will do just fine, but no matter what you choose you will still need to steel them often and sharpen them as needed. Having said that... If you want to sharpen less often, then I recommend a fully serrated blade.
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    What knife is in your bugout pack?

    Leatherman Super Tool 300. Victorinox One-hand Trekker. Victorinox Forester M Grip.
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    Which Spyderco are you carrying today?

    Still carrying these two...
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    What did you use your SAK for today?

    I used the large screwdriver of my Climber to open the vent to change the air filter of my home's HVAC.