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    Wts Goruck bullets and Rucker

    Last one. Grab it quick. Goruck 15l Bullet. Also in gunmetal. Again Basically brand new. Maybe 5 walks on this one as well. Kids just didn't like rucking lol. Lets do $115 shipped obo Sold. Sold. Sold. Goruck 10l Bullet in gunmetal. Great bag. Basically new. Used to walk wigh weight 4 or 5...
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    Wts custom Siegle, JK, and OTK

    Blade is 4.5 inches. Oal is 9.25 inches and its about 1.5 inches from spine to edge. U will love the knive. Amazing maker and steel.
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    Wts custom Siegle, JK, and OTK

    Got a bunch of very nice custom fixex blades up for sale today. Great pieces at great prices. Any questions just ask. Up first Bill Siegle- Book of Eli sword. This thing is a monster. Amazing for the zombie apocalypse or just to have cause ur a beast. Its about 23 inches oal. 16 inch blade...
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    What is in the works at CPK?

    I want a kitchen knife. Been trying to score the original one for years lol.
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    Wts McCoun Hawk and Monolith Camp hawk

    ANY questions or info needed just pm me. We can discuss whatever needed. Thank you for your time. Monolith Tools Camp Hawk/Hatchet. Monolith tools is out of Russia, I had him build this for me with the idea of a camp hatchet but never used it; mainly cause the weight, it's a chunky guy. The...
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    Busse CABS LE and Basic 4 LE

    Lol yes i uploaded them like 37 times but it keeps saying its a security issue. I'm uploading to imgur now. Sirry for the delay @ironwagon
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    Busse CABS LE and Basic 4 LE

    Both sold.and shipped. Alright got two old school models for sale here. Both with awesome sheaths. I can't find these listed anywhere besides ebay so if my prices are off shoot me a pm. First is a Busse cabs le #351. Infi of course. Comes with a mashed cat sheath. Great fit and dangler...
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    SOLD, BIG SLOW SALE, CPK Utility Field Knife, Delta 3V

    I'll take one please. Terotuff or burlap micarta as i know u said some optiins were low
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    RIP Charlie Mike

    He was one of my first friends here on bladeforums. Crazy. Rip sir. You had your demons but were a good person.
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    Fell Beast Pre-Order 52100 +3V Closing 5/15

    Mine was a 12 inch model. Its slightly thicker than i anticipated but still much more machete than chopper. And the sheath is a nice kydex sheath
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    Fell Beast Pre-Order 52100 +3V Closing 5/15

    Wow no ones posted yet huh. Im loving mine. Awesome blade. A touch thicker than i was expecting but still super slicey. Its crazy snowy here but i still got out and cut some branches. Its lazer status through an inch thick or so. Thanks sir. I dig it
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    CLOSED PRE-ORDER, 6" Utility Fighter

    In for one. Tero tuff please 1/8 emailed
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    Fell Beast Pre-Order 52100 +3V Closing 5/15

    Sweet. Cant wait to have a serious machete
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    Fell Beast Pre-Order 52100 +3V Closing 5/15

    Are these almost ready to ship??
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    Fell Beast Pre-Order 52100 +3V Closing 5/15

    Hope these are coming along well. Still cant wait to get mine
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    The "Whatever" Thread

    Merry Christmas yall. Hope its an awesome one.
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    Random Thought Thread

    Very cool polaris man. Well set up
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    A Day in the Life of a Field Knife Updated with Fire Making

    Great looking dog. You got a heck of a job