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  1. eveled

    Interesting verbal exchange with a police officer regarding a knife

    My run ins with cops have always gone well. You only get one chance to make a first impression. So don’t act like you did anything wrong, be respectful, don’t be drunk, stoned, or stupid. If you have too, make them aware that nothing is a weapon unless it’s used as a weapon. A good...
  2. eveled

    Buck model 116 build out

    Wow! Cant believe it’s been 5 years! Sorry my 116’s are not for sale but maybe you’ll shake one loose from someone’s grip.
  3. eveled

    Great eastern cutlery

    People need to stop paying gougers. My son got a lesson this week. 2 adults in front of him at Walmart cleared the entire table of sports cards into a cart. There is supposedly a limit, but it’s only enforced on kids. We’ve seen it with ammo too. All it does is show the...
  4. eveled

    That time when I used 1 knife for almost 10 days

    Lol. Great minds think a like. I started with 1 Buck 110 in high school. It was one of the old squared off ones but my father had rounded it off with a file before he gave it to me. When I started working I got tired of switching it from my jeans to my work pants. So I bought an extra...
  5. eveled

    Sharpening ESEE Serrations?

    For serated blades I rub the back side of the blade flat on the stone. Makes crazy sharp serrations.
  6. eveled

    I love to fidget

    Fidgit spinner or prayer beads make more sense than fidgeting with a potential weapon.
  7. eveled

    Pics of Wharncliffes

    I don’t know where to start. The Wharncliffe is a specific shape. A lot of them shown are definitely not Wharncliffes, but that’s ok. it’s odd to me that there is no name (that I’m aware of) for all of the straight edged blades as a group. I guess they are all a modified Seax? When you...
  8. eveled

    Tortured trees and knives.

    @killgar Those are great! I saw a documentary one time Johnny Cash was back at his childhood neighborhood. The tire they had used for home plate was encircling a tree and about 3 feet off the ground.
  9. eveled

    Photos Share your father to son knife events*

    I got the evil eye from my wife last week because my 18 year old son stabbed himself with his Buck 110 opening a cookie wrapper.
  10. eveled

    That time when I used 1 knife for almost 10 days

    I carried and used the same Buck 110 exclusively everyday for 30 years. Never felt deprived. In fact I’m certain I had a better knife with me than 99.9% of the people around me. A buck 110 is all the knife I need, the rest are just for fun.
  11. eveled

    Tortured trees and knives.

    Found a new fishing spot this morning complete with a tortured tree! I guess someone else has the same hobby I do.
  12. eveled

    Photos Share your father to son knife events*

    Too many stories to sift through in a lifetime of memories. If I liked something my dad had in his pocket he’d just give it to me. If I had something he liked he’d knew he could take it. We went back and forth so many times with guns knives and tools it would be difficult to know who...
  13. eveled

    Buck 112 "Nail Nick" Questions

    Lol! I thought I did, but obviously didn’t. Thanks for the reality check. @DeSotoSky It’s been a rough week full of double shifts in hot attics. Yes @TAH a wider fuller would be nicer. I’m definitely in the no Nick at all would be best camp.
  14. eveled

    Buck 112 "Nail Nick" Questions

    Something like that. There was a small run of 110’s that had a long nail nick that looked like a fuller but was only on one side. Maybe someone has a picture? I think it had “Buck” inlayed into the handle too.Found it! This is from an old thread @DeSotoSky posted in. A SMK exclusive.
  15. eveled

    Buck 112 "Nail Nick" Questions

    I always thought a fuller would look cool on a 110. It would add to its hunting image and It would act as a long ambidextrous nail nick.
  16. eveled

    Rough Ryder

    You went with my suggestion! Yay! What do I win? Lol. I think he will really like the denim Half Hawk. It’s a great knife.
  17. eveled

    Rough Ryder

    It’s fairly large, but it rides in a pocket nicely I think because of its organic shape. This is a KA-BAR (it’s the same size as the Rough Rider) LoomFixer next to a Buck 110 for scale.
  18. eveled

    Making a pull through sheath

    Triple K sheath.
  19. eveled

    Buck 112 "Nail Nick" Questions

    On my work knife I filled the nail nick with JBWeld. It’s been there for several years now.