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  1. Stang Bladeworks

    Recommend a knife making book.

    For sure get bob t's folder book if you want to try making one. Also Don Robinson "slipjoints my way"
  2. Stang Bladeworks

    Folder Question

    Short answer. Yes. Use hardened stop pins. Best of luck. Maybe post up some pics.
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    Which counterbore for folder bearings?

    I use coolant. About 400rpm lots of pressure. If it rubs too much it will work harden. You need to always be cutting to avoid it. You want to use carbide tipped counterbores. The larger the diameter the more pressure required.
  4. Stang Bladeworks

    Chris Reeve Spa Treatment Canada

    I know of several crks that were seized. I have personally had knives taken and recently someone had a gec taken. It's honestly getting bad. There is no way i would send it in just to get the scales sandblasted. I spoke with the cbsa on the phone and was told any one hand opening knife will be...
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    How To Slipjoint tutorials and advice

    Looks great, congrats. Make sure to post the next one too.
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    Knife regrinds - tips and tricks?

    Unless you go full flat dont use scotchbrite, it will leave scratches on the flats.
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    How To Slipjoint tutorials and advice

    No problem, can't wait to see them.
  8. Stang Bladeworks

    Price of blade steel vs performance

    I would put aebl in the same league as cpm154 personally.
  9. Stang Bladeworks

    How To Bad Problems While Anodizing Titanium

    In my experience it is not possible. The grimsmos literally have a multi etch tutorial. If you polish a surface prior to etching you will still get a brighter color. Different surface prep still yields different results even with multi etch. You will not get better results without it.
  10. Stang Bladeworks

    How To Bad Problems While Anodizing Titanium

    Use multi etch, it makes all the difference. It needs to be used hot (170f).
  11. Stang Bladeworks

    How To Slipjoint tutorials and advice

    email sent. I checked the link and it looks like the files are there. If anyone else has trouble with the files please let me know.
  12. Stang Bladeworks

    How To Slipjoint tutorials and advice

    Thanks for reading. I am not sure why the link isn't working but if you want I can email you the files, just pm me your email address. As for the shims you are right. My tutorial is aimed at beginners and I think using synthetic materials is the easiest way to start. I have never used any...
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    Is this as unreasonable as it sounds?

    It may reflect the actual shipping cost but not the value of the machine. Just buy a new one for that price.
  14. Stang Bladeworks

    Water jet for folders

    I don't spot holes on multiple parts that need to line up. The variance seems to be .007 ish which is too much. You can rough the track but you will meed to machine it to final dimension.
  15. Stang Bladeworks

    Heat Treating in the home or garage, problems?

    I would do it in your garage over your basement if possible. Depending on the steel you may want cryo and you won't want the l2n in your house. If I quench in oil I wear a respirator. I have done all of it im my garage with no issue. Just keep it away from the wall. Some guys use tiles on the...
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    Newby question: OBM Grinder

    sounds like belt bump. If so this is normal. Do some research on that topic and see if it sounds like what you are experiencing. Check the wheels for play and make sure the bearings are good. Maybe try to post a video.
  17. Stang Bladeworks

    New knife maker(need tips)

    Personally I start at 36 but I do all my bevels after heat treat especially on a long thin chef knife. The 1x30 is low on HP so I would start with as course a belt as possible. You wont be able to lean into it or it will stall so basically the belt has to do all the work with next to no...
  18. Stang Bladeworks

    Sebenza 31 Lock Rock?!

    Thanks, My thinking is that the thickness of the titanium doesn't matter here because the flex is occurring in the lockbar relief. I don't know if that is thicker as well on the Inkosi, but if my memory is correct the Sebenza 21 is about .060" which is pretty thick. That is why the lockbar...