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  1. fq55

    Knives & Wallets

    yes! I love the UG I purchased from you, thank you. I carry it frequently, although in a pocket slip to keep the ano fresh.
  2. fq55

    Horween Dublin Card wallets (ALL SOLD)

    @AntDog I have a couple cut out including one out of Horween Burgundy Chromexecl (horse front) that I should be posting up next week. if you’d like I can send you a pm before I post.
  3. fq55

    Knives & Wallets

    I also fancy leather sheaths and polished blades. Made this one a while back out of Horween Essex which has a semi soft temper but can still be very durable.
  4. fq55

    Knives & Wallets

    Personally I detest metal or composite wallets lol. I completely understand why people like them and will not judge at all. The ridge wallet I’ve handled seemed to be a quality product, just not for me. But I’m biased, since I enjoy making leather wallets. on to some photos:
  5. fq55

    Horween Dublin Card wallets (ALL SOLD)

    Last one is sold. Thank you.
  6. fq55

    Horween Dublin Card wallets (ALL SOLD)

    B Wallet is sold, thank you. The A wallet is still available.
  7. fq55

    Leather slip brands/makers?

    I’m sure there are many makers here that can make a slips for you and there are companies that also make excellent slips like KSF. I personally make them as well and it’s how I carry most of my folders. I like using a thinner leather at around 4oz and make them more like a wallet then a...
  8. fq55

    Horween Dublin Card wallets (ALL SOLD)

    Up for sale are 2 card wallets I’ve made. I made one for myself a while ago and was happy with the way it carries, so I thought I’d offer a few up for sale. I used 4/5 oz Horween English Tan Dublin for these. They will patina over time and Dublin is probably one of my favorite leathers Horween...
  9. fq55

    Let me vent!

    It does seem like there is a market for a company to make blade replacement for older Sebenzas. But I’m sure with the fitting and work involved it may exceed the original cost of the knife.
  10. fq55

    What about Knives and Flashlights?

    Got my wedding light ready to go. Someone always loses something after one too many. (Most likely me)
  11. fq55

    Horween wallet knife slip package

    You got it! Thanks again!
  12. fq55

    Horween wallet knife slip package

    Putting a few things up for sale as a package. includes card wallet in a 4/5oz Horween Dublin type in Huntington brown. Three slots two outer slots for cards and middle slot sized for folded bills. The inside and edge have been burnished for a smooth fee I’ll freshen up the edges on this...
  13. fq55

    Small Sebenza 31 - Micarta - Double lugs

    thank you. Pm sent.
  14. fq55

    Small Sebenza 31 - Micarta - Double lugs

    Up for sale is my Small Sebenza 31 with black micarta insert and double lugs. it’s in great condition, with only minor wear on the lug ano and pocket clip. I tried my best to photograph the wear. This knife has been carried and rarely used, the blade has been stropped on 3k paper but never...
  15. fq55

    (PRICE DROP) Small Sebenza 31 Micarta - Dbl lugs

    this is still available. Not really looking for Trades but would consider an Impinda.
  16. fq55

    DCL knives Cruwear Blank

    @Myztro thanks for posting this! That’s awesome. My cruwear blank thag I had finished takes on a wicked edge. Enjoy!
  17. fq55

    SOLD - Filson 257 Large briefcase computer bag

    Posting this one up for sale. Will be getting something smaller for when I eventually get back to a normal routine. this is the larger briefcase that is meant as a computer bag or overnight bag. it’s been around the block but I am in a smoke free home and the bag is clean and serviceable...
  18. fq55

    Horween Card wallets (ALL SOLD)

    All sold thank you buyers and BF. These will ship today. I will make another small batch and post them up soon.