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  1. JD Mandrell

    to the warriors ..... CRK's Neil Roberts Warrior Knife

    Nothing, since posting that years ago, I've gotten out of CRK knives.
  2. JD Mandrell

    (SOLD) Lefty 21 and Umnuzaam for sale.

    2 Southpaws with the same birthday! (02/29/2016) Leap year babies! :) Hoping to move these as a set, Chris Reeve Large Sebenza 21 and Umnumzaan. Both have some carry and very light use, both still have factory edges. Boxes, wrenches, birth certificates, stickers, lanyards and grease tubes...
  3. JD Mandrell

    Lower 48 or CONUS Only

    I admit, I used to do the "CONUS Only" thing for years, before realizing Hawaii and Alaska are the same costs, felt like a dipstick.
  4. JD Mandrell

    Bad Trade Deal with Silent Arrow

    If I'm reading the OP right, SilentArrow, got it back on March 11th, so he now has both knives. He needs to step up and address this, OP should pay shipping to get it back to him, since the original SNAFU was his fault, but SA has no business keeping both knives.
  5. JD Mandrell

    The weekend survival challenge?

    My survival trapping skills have come in handy during COVID 19.
  6. JD Mandrell

    Bad DSK-T custom knives [Buyer Beware]

    Using photo-shopped pics, asking for payment by F&F and deleting things he said, ALL this points to someone who has no problem committing a fraud against customers. File with PP, sooner than later.....
  7. JD Mandrell

    Bad DSK-T custom knives [Buyer Beware]

    Using photoshopped pics to advertise...that alone is enough to never go near this maker.
  8. JD Mandrell


    I've had one return in all these years, there was a knife with two models, that only had a slight difference, and I was accidentally sent the wrong one, one phone call, sent it back, had refund within a day or so, and they covered the return shipping.
  9. JD Mandrell


    Oh boy, the repeated "god's gonna get ya" always lends credibility to a former employee rant........
  10. JD Mandrell


    I sent them a message giving them a heads up about this, she was fired this morning.
  11. JD Mandrell


    Wow, as a looooong time repeat customer, I can say that my experience has been the EXACT OPPOSITE of pretty much everything you're claiming here. I can form an opinion here as to why you may have been fired.
  12. JD Mandrell

    Bad Seller hundo760; changes prices in DM, requests F&F, does not disclose issues

    LOL, found his instagram yesterday, today it's been set to 'private'.
  13. JD Mandrell

    Bad Seller hundo760; changes prices in DM, requests F&F, does not disclose issues

    And yet it's worked fine for a lot of people, but you have to document and follow up. But, that's mostly irrelevant, as the forum rules state it is the sellers responsibility.
  14. JD Mandrell

    Bad Seller hundo760; changes prices in DM, requests F&F, does not disclose issues

    Were you seriously going to mail a 600+ dollar knife, without insuring it????
  15. JD Mandrell

    Your cheapest carry and most expensive carry

    Ontario Utilitac II and Chris Reeve LH Sebenza
  16. JD Mandrell

    Help identifying a vintage SAK

    It's definitely an early one. The file on the back of the square Philips screwdriver, may put it 1950's
  17. JD Mandrell

    Which do you prefer, SAK or Leatherman?

    Leatherman, FREE series T and K stuff. The all locking and all one-hand opening, has blown SAKs away for me.
  18. JD Mandrell

    Review Leatherman Free T4

    Great review, the Leatherman FREE series is a great step forward in MT's. I've got the T2,T4,K4,P2 and P4 and just really enjoy using them, as a southpaw. No righthand nail nicks, and no broken fingernails fighting to get tools out. Leatherman really outdid themselves!