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    Recommendation? How do you store your knife collection?

    A box and leave the most used on my desk. My sharpening gear though is in a Rigid tool box, small one that fits on a modular platform. Quite handy being able to roll around your tools and quickly grab your sharpening gear too. I imagine if you have a lot of knives you can rig up a nice storage...
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    What else do you collect?

    I collect mold, spores and fungus.
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    Too Many Knives?

    Too many knives? I don't have enough to arm my country in case of an invasion. Afterwards what if they want to dual wield, and a backup knife. Can't forget replacements, and loaners while they send it back for maintenance and repairs. Than we have the multi tools, and specialty knives to worry...
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    What steel are utility blades made from?

    Personally I went a little higher end and bought the "premium" utility blades and sharpened them. Turns out you can make box cutters too sharp for some tasks and making it sharp enough with a pull through sharpener was preferable.
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    Companies need to start issuing verified third-party HRC tests.

    Just saw the spreadsheet with the color coded setup. It may be just me but I would argue it looks good. Most were within spec or margin of error of the machine. And a few less than steller companies dropped the ball completely. I would make one more change a color for being above the HRC but...
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    What's your INCHAB knife for a PAW?

    I have no idea what you guys are talking about with all the abbreviations. But I have my Kabar Dozier, Vic Cadet, half a roll duct tape, paper clips, binder clips, 6 pens, 1 mechanical pencil, rubber band, and a watch all on me or next to me. So what's going on am I disarming a missile...
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    Under $100 and under 2.5 inches...your pick

    Dragonfly, Robin, and I think the smaller Kabar Dozier would come in at 2.5in or smaller. And cold steel tuff lite I think their called which looks like a box cutter. Gerber EAB or other one like that would be good for travel. Go into a secure area, remove and dispose of the blade and it's no...
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    Opinel kitchen and paring knives...

    I don't have an Opinel kitchen but having put their carbon steel #6 through it's paces I suspect it to perform good as long as you care for it. And it will take a sharp edge with ease from my experience which is quite nice.
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    Companies need to start issuing verified third-party HRC tests.

    There are those of us skeptical that the less than steller companies will cherry pick or have a dedicated batch to send off to be tested on their some. Thus gaming the system to look more trust worthy. Closest thing I can think of which is highly unlikely is someone with or willing to purchase...
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    A Good Laugh

    Sadly it will probably never happen, all sheets of music were sliced into thinly shredded bits during knife sharpening tests. Said artist was found void of all hair and has thus taken up competitive swimming to buy new H1 Spydercos.
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    A Good Laugh

    I think he's just a new knife collector the bug hasn't hit him yet.
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    Gift for patriotic graduate...fixed blade recommendations

    Never served but I hear most people who did a Leatherman is the way to go. Beyond that I would look at the Schrade Blackbird one of our members here designed it. It's not USA made but they made a post on small details they did and why they did, a lot of thought went into it's design. It would be...
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    Is your knife all gunked up?

    I use a hose. I work a job where a knife can get that gummed up in one job so a quick spray with a hose, wipe clean, a d touch up on a stone as it's good to go again. It's why I avoid the carbon steel blades their more finicky with this type of treatment.
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    H1 Steel - How it Works

    H1 is an interesting steel, I appreciate you making these articles I look forward to reading about it when I get the chance.
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    Tips for sharpening super steels?

    Diamonds go a long way and guides if you need help with holding a consistent angle. Beyond that make sure you get a fully apexed edge that is free of defects as your goal and your set. Head over to the maintenance part of the forum that's where the OCD knife sharpening magic happens.
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    life expectancy of washers (Brass, Teflon, …)

    None I don't worry about minor blade play I just use them. And I never had a knife with major blade play that wasnt gas station quality and any in use anymore.
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    What Happened To All The ZT 0777's

    The Iron Throne was made of 0777, so very few survived. The remaining few are in safes besides a few circulating on the black market in flea bottom.
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    Chemical Sharpening

    The way the chemical sharpener for flies and files sounds like it deep cleans it. I imagine an ultrasonic cleaner would be just as effective or more, and quite a bit quicker too. To sharpen a knife by chemicals would require a lot of money, precision engineering, and acids to get it all just...
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    life expectancy of washers (Brass, Teflon, …)

    I'm not even sure I want to know the prices of going custom washers route.
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    life expectancy of washers (Brass, Teflon, …)

    Never had to replace brass or Teflon washers. I suspect most haven't had to either. We're more likely to lose a part during disassembly than wear one out.