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  1. greenwoods

    Sad news

    I am so sorry Dino. We have been out of touch and I just saw this. Love and smoke up and never ending from me and my ladies. I am so saddened, stick jock brother. Mark
  2. greenwoods

    Sad news

    Our most heartfelt condolences. Smoke up!
  3. greenwoods

    Sad news

  4. greenwoods

    Smoke, Prayers, Good thoughts, and crossed fingers requested

    Positive energy, smoke and prayer up.
  5. greenwoods

    trail clearing tool

    My 17 3/4" WW II with full tang has fine tuned the 2 acres around our lake place , nestled in beau coup NorthEastern hardwoods, heavy vines and spikey bushes for years very efficiently. That being said, when trekking for miles The 13" Ang Khola with a rat tail tang has been the go to woods pal...
  6. greenwoods

    Jewel Knife

  7. greenwoods

    Send smoke and prayers for Bean and Karda's family

    Thanks for sharing that, Dale. It hits home. Mark
  8. greenwoods

    Send smoke and prayers for Bean and Karda's family

    Smoke and prayers up for Bean and Karda and family. :(
  9. greenwoods

    Lhakpa and Cynthia's weeding pictures form Nepal

    Congratulations! :)
  10. greenwoods

    A Sad Afternoon and a Glorious Evening

    Very nice work. :)
  11. greenwoods

    Howard's prototype Kitchen/ camp Knife for 1/11

    Very nice. Great job.
  12. greenwoods

    Folding saw - or no folding saw?

    My Sven Saw has saved a lot of work and calories over the years. I like to stay practiced with the Leatherman and SAK saws, and also with hatchet and hawk use, yet when time, temperature and waning light is upon me and large, good shelter is needed, for me at least, a good, lightweight saw works...
  13. greenwoods

    Input Needed

    I really like them both, the Scandi-vex a little more. We bring many knives to use and play when we camp and find the thinner blades get the most food prep and small wood carving tasks. We love using larger khuks, parangs and small machetes for bigger work, yet it's back to thinner Mora-like...
  14. greenwoods

    Seven blems and rare one for 7/29

    Sweet Seax. I find mine so useful in camp. :)
  15. greenwoods

    Shop Opening BishwaKarma Puja

    Many blessings and much smoke up for the new shop and all of the HI family. Mark and Ladies :)
  16. greenwoods

    Our visit to Aunties Inner Circle

    Thanks for sharing the fun. It's nice to see you all. Mark and Ladies :)
  17. greenwoods

    A question on patina.

    The forced mustard patina I put on my 17 3/4" WW2 that I use all the time rusts less than the 18"CAK I let develop normally. ymmv :) Mark
  18. greenwoods


    Glad you are ok, heal quick. All yer khuks will be extra sharp! :) Mark
  19. greenwoods

    Meet our newest addition to our family!

    What a sweety. Someones going to have a bestest pal! :) Mark
  20. greenwoods

    Nepalese earthquake relief fundraiser. Every little bit helps.

    Smoke and more hope up for all, especially Dad.