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  1. Walking Man

    if infi didnt exist

    I'd have to go with A8. I'd be happy with D2 for smaller knives.
  2. Walking Man

    Desert Arrgone assault. If anyone else is interested, I will sell this same knife for $1900, HOWEVER, to be fair to Raden, I will only do so after his is sold. Thanks for looking. OOPS, I guess I can't spell as well as Raden.
  3. Walking Man

    Does anyone have a Busse they would sell for $50.00?

    NO WAY!!!! The tip that broke might be $50! :D
  4. Walking Man

    What's your INFI Focus???

    My only focus right now is: Muddy everything. But I'm still desperate for snakeskin ZTBM.
  5. Walking Man

    My first dog was put down today

    :(. Sorry to hear that. Always remember you gave her a good life. :thumbup:
  6. Walking Man

    Public service announcement for owners of natural handle materials.....

    I'm not so sure about the buffalo horn and stag. I don't think most knifemakers stabilize those. Maybe they don't take the process very well? I don't know, I'd call the shop before making any assumptions.
  7. Walking Man

    looking at my collection

    Funny, you haven't gotten any of my.... well.... anythings. :D Neither has anyone else, though! (What am I known for... Oh, yes..... 1/300s.... ZTBMs.... a couple other things!)
  8. Walking Man

    Poor Sheath maker

    How is the edge? Does it look like it was used or just Kydexed?
  9. Walking Man

    Poor Sheath maker

    That's exactly what I was thinking. And I'd be mad too.
  10. Walking Man

    smoothing out the Sebbie... naturally?

    This whole discussion about getting the seb. smoother with the fine grit got me thinking..... Why not just wash all of the lube out... (does it come lubed?) and then, let the friction between the Ti and the washer smooth out the washer naturally. Since I don't know the differences in hardness...
  11. Walking Man

    Beautiful Blades - Good Bad or Ugly?

    Thanks! He does have some beauties!
  12. Walking Man

    Public service announcement for owners of natural handle materials.....

    Certain woods are dense enough and oily enough that they don't need to be oiled, such as Ebony, Ironwood, and Quince. I'm not sure about which others don't need to be oiled.
  13. Walking Man

    Mike Obenauf Large Model 4

    Bttt, for price clarification.
  14. Walking Man

    Zombie slayer

    I second that!
  15. Walking Man

    Public service announcement for owners of natural handle materials.....

    I know there's a lot of new folks out there, picking up some very nice extravaganza items. Please consider this a public service announcement...... Use a little mineral oil (or other oil or stuff), about once every two years or other products OR the natural materials will shrink! I don't think...
  16. Walking Man

    Beautiful Blades - Good Bad or Ugly?

    Has anyone done business with them?
  17. Walking Man

    Zombie slayer

    It looks nice, but it doesn't interest me for a few reasons: 1) It's flat ground. I'm just not a fan. 2) It looks a little too pointy. I'd be concerned about a breaking the tip on a knife that size. 3) The shape just doesn't do it for me. It looks good, but doesn't seem very practical for...
  18. Walking Man

    Got my edge pro today-man I'm tired

    (no I don't own one) The thing about an edgepro is that you're pretty much guaranteed a sharp edge when you use it. If you have problem edges, like wire edges or rolling or chipping, you just can't fix these nearly as easily by hand, unless you've been sharpening a long time, and really know...
  19. Walking Man

    Scott Cook goodness coming home!

    I wanted to get a 9" Kathathu? dagger when they came out, but never got the chance. I scored this beauty for around the same price as the Reeve dagger might go for.
  20. Walking Man

    Beautiful Blades - Good Bad or Ugly?

    Beautiful Blades - Good Bad or Ugly? The title pretty much says it all. Has anyone had any experience with these online dealers? Thanks!