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    It's 2017, Time to move away from powder coats!

    The definition of a fanboy, while everyone stated their opinion in a professional manner, you bro, is behind your computer being all emotional.
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    1st Friday Production Updates

    Oh lord, it's really hard to support this company. They keep taking orders more than they can take and then cancellation fee is 10%? Guy needs to take some Bussiness management classes.
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    David Brown Sheaths

    While I agree that David Brown's sheaths are good....the problems I've seen for the most part are cracked/split eyelets and its visible on one of the posts. I'm sorry, while it doesn't affect the integrity, it looks sloppy and shows the lack of attention to detail.
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    It's 2017, Time to move away from powder coats!

    While I love powder coating on my truck bed, Busse should move away from it, for the price they are charging, I feel like I'm getting ripped off by the use of powder coats.
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    1st Friday Production Updates

    I haven't posted here in a long time but this is getting old. 1st, the implementation strategy in production was not well thought out, if Sk have done their homework on prototyping before going full on production, these nuisances would have been avoided. Of course, I understand that vendors can...
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    Wow.....They don't care about you you really think Ernie is going to make your knife? Are you even willing to spend 1-2k for it? Move on.....
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    What happened to Koster sub-forum?

    So he just said "funk it" to the knife community?
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    What happened to Koster sub-forum?

    Daniel Koster have not delivered my knife, it's been 4 years. Did his subforum get archived as punishment?
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    Are the screws DLC and tumbled as well?
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    Koster Survivor Issues: Chipping

    Again, good luck with the replacement! You'd be dead and the handles are just getting glued.
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    A reply from Mr. Koster

    Yeah, this MF deleted my posts here and even called me a liar. For the record, Daniel "bitchass" Koster, I called and emailed you multiple times and no reply. My name is not even in your updated list. I fucking paid 50% of the knife. It's been 3 years you son of a bitch!!!!!!
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    DLT Trading

    Yup, Koster is a lying piece of shit...Sorry, for my language but're a con man.
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    Opinions on liner locks

    Just don't buy any cheapo or Emersons and you're good.
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    High Plains Drifter Auction DONE!!!

    We need pictures
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    Disappointed once again by Survive!. S!K issues are getting old.

    I actually find these type of threads interesting and entertaining. It's like watching "Days of our lives". People like Ronnie (Halestorm) is a nuisance and 7 out of 10 of those people sells their knives at a higher cost once they get them. Now who's the real douche? This thread should be closed...
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    Disappointed once again by Survive!. S!K issues are getting old.

    The OP's post is trolling as well buddy, I'm just calling him out. "opinion" is subjective that's why it's called opinion. I'm going to keep calling out those M/F's who whines and whines about why their knives hasn't shipped yet. They agreed with the initial terms and agreements and they're...
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    Disappointed once again by Survive!. S!K issues are getting old.

    All that blabber and you're getting your knife anyway. you're going to hold that knife and think what a brat you've been just to get noticed by S!k. they probably put your order in front of the line just so you can stop whining. You're probably the most hypocritical S!k fan i know.
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    Recon 1 Improvement

    Great, but they still need to move away from the teflon that they put on the lock and pockets clips.
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    Can we see the tang of the knife w/o the handle