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  1. cashville

    Olamic Swish MINT

    I’ll take it
  2. cashville

    Strider and a Hoback

    I’ll take the .75
  3. cashville

    Tradesmen's hacking knife - very WTF.
  4. cashville

    Benchmade 560bk-1

    I’ll take this
  5. cashville


    I’ll take it
  6. cashville

    WS 1020 not dishwasher or idiot safe

    Bar keepers friend is great for eating away at corrosion
  7. cashville

    Why all the stupid ads!!

    The ads generally sucker me into renewing my membership within a week of it expiring. I must admit, they are highly effective.
  8. cashville

    Fallkniven quality issues

    Never owned a FK, but for whatever it’s worth, I feel like I saw a very similar thread to this a couple of weeks ago. Buying from a company that backs their products is pretty important to me. Thanks for the info guys
  9. cashville

    Sons first Spyderco

    I’d say my experience with Delicas is similar to that of Natives. Don’t rule out the Native 5! Other than that, I’ve found Spydercos to really differ in terms of what I think makes the best pocket knife vs what works best in real world use. Some of the models you really have to carry and use...
  10. cashville

    A story of a bad Whippersnapper and awesome customer care

    My immediate thoughts were that this knife was likely returned by a customer and the vendor did a poor just of inspecting the return, then passed in on to the next customer as a new knife. My next thought was that this could have been a display model that’s been handled by a ton of people...
  11. cashville

    Cold Steel American Lawman gets dull too fast

    @Brawny so I actually just made the sound connection myself a couple of days so still trying to make sense of it myself... Hopefully I’ll get some free time this week to do some testing on this theory, but i think it means you need to work the left side of the blade more. Try working the left...
  12. cashville

    Cold Steel American Lawman gets dull too fast

    Likely a burr or possible the edge not being apexed from the factory. Try focusing on one side of the edge at a time and listen to the sound that that the edge makes while making contact with the rods. When finishing up, start alternating sides of the edge with light pressure
  13. cashville

    SOLD St Nick’s Native 5

    Unlikely seconds please
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    For feedback
  15. cashville

    SOLD, DEK1 and some Blade Show inventory

    DEK1 please! If you have any grey terotuff, I will love you both forever. Let me contemplate my life and try to decide between 3V & AEBL. I'll probably go 3V. (If either of the steels work better for ya'll, please let me know - I'm pretty split at the moment.) Thank you Nathan, Jo, and Lorien...