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  1. rpttrsn

    Are these warping on my Tops Pasayten?

    You could be right. Best is to get in touch with the company to know for sure. If he is not pleased with the surface and has questions, the mfg. would be the next step. Hope it works out for him.
  2. rpttrsn

    Are these warping on my Tops Pasayten?

    When you perform a mod like you did, I doubt any company would back their warranty. Like said before a coating is put on some blades so they don't have to spend the time on the finish.
  3. rpttrsn

    How to maintain and keep away from scratches? Spyderco s30v Black

    Unless you know what is in the next piece of cardboard you cut, you could scratch your blade.
  4. rpttrsn

    Stropping recommendations for kitchen knives

    That's funny. I hope he cooks better then he sharpens a knife.
  5. rpttrsn


    Tri Flow Teflon Lube is the best I ever used. I have tried many of the listed ones.
  6. rpttrsn

    M390 vs D2. Is it worth it?

    5x's more? No
  7. rpttrsn

    Boker Compact Kwaiken w/ Carbon Fiber

    I wish someone who has this knife would chime in. Does the frame lock make it a problem when trying to open the knife? Some with light finger pressure on the lock make it very difficult to flip. I will change the title so it will set this knife apart from the mini. No you tube reviews on this...
  8. rpttrsn

    Boker Compact Kwaiken w/ Carbon Fiber

    I think it's the same size as the mini and the price is equal. This to me seems like it would be made a bit better. I do like it's design. The dealer that is selling it is large but I dont know if the name can be mentioned here. They list it as a Mini Kwaiken.
  9. rpttrsn

    Boker Compact Kwaiken w/ Carbon Fiber

    Does anyone have the Boker Mini Kwaiken with the Frame lock? Not the liner lock which is the most common, The one I am talking about has carbon Fiber scales over SS liners and a D2 blade of 3.1" The clip is not screwed into the scale but, The tip-up carry clip is set into the scale which makes...
  10. rpttrsn

    CKF--- Gratch Flipper-- New

    Gratch (M390 Blade, TI+CF, Bearings, Hand Rubbed Satin Finish) Smooth, light beautiful knife from Custom Knife Factory and Anton (Tohus) Malyshev. -Titanium liner lock w/ SS replaceable lock bar insert. -Carbon Fiber contoured scales -Ceramic 2 rows bearing system -M390 Flat grind, drop point...
  11. rpttrsn

    Looking into grinder to sharpen

    Since Bigfattyt didn't mention 1x42" let me explain why I like the Kallamazoo. The belts are less money then the 2x72. They are available in a wide range of grits as are the 2x72". I go down to 20 micron belts and also have linen belts where I can put rouge or diamond spray on them. I have .50...
  12. rpttrsn

    Looking into grinder to sharpen

    I am very happy with my 1x42" Kalamazoo belt grinder. Good speed for sharpening knives etc.
  13. rpttrsn

    Care & Maintenance of Ceramic and Water stones.

    Due to the source of this article I didn't know if the link could be attached so I copied and pasted it here. Worth reading especially for new users. Ron Share CARE & MAINTENANCE OF CERAMIC AND WATER STONES Mastering sharpening is one of the keys to becoming a good woodworker. For those who...
  14. rpttrsn

    Disassembly of the ZT0470 Question

    I guess anyone who has this knife and seen this thread hasn't taken the knife apart to be able to tell me what hold's the back of the knife in place. No stand off's on this knife and the screws that hold the clip in place seem to short to thread into the spacer between the frame. Only 3/16"...
  15. rpttrsn

    Were to but 2/56 screw cutter

    I often drilled and tap holes in a piece of thin metal. 1/8". Insert your screw and grind off or file what you want to remove. When you remove the screw you also help to clean up the thread. Slight cleaning of the tip might be required. The harder the plate material the better especially when...
  16. rpttrsn

    Disassembly of the ZT0470 Question

    I had the blade out, along with the bearings and all the hardware. Didn’t remove the carbon fiber inlay. At that point I felt the knife should come apart. The back of the handle area was tight. So I didn’t know what was holding the back together. Still don’t. The inlay in my mind should have...
  17. rpttrsn

    Disassembly of the ZT0470 Question

    I have most of my knives apart for cleaning etc. The ZT 0470 has me wondering how the knife is assembled below the pocket clip. Removing the clip and the short screw opposite the clip side doesn't seem to be the answer as these screws are the same length and not long enough to be holding it...
  18. rpttrsn

    Any way to fix this?

    You don't sand a chip out but remove the material around the chip to the same depth that the chip is so the chip can no longer be seen. How would the surface look sanding to the depth of the small chip. Getting the same finish would be my concern so the area sanded looks the same as areas not...
  19. rpttrsn

    ZT 0470 Old Framelock Issue

    Thank you. I waited to long on doing something about ZT's problem with this knife.