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    Small knife for keychain!

    I had a Little Bear, just like blade collector does, had it on my key chain so long I wore thru the bail. Sent it back to Schrade and they put a new bail on it, then polished the wood and sharpened the blade. I started to fly a lot for my job after 911 and got tired of taking it on and off my...
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    Imperial ?

    Looks like the Survival knife they made some years back. John
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    MACV Recondo School Honor Graduate Knife?

    I looked at the video again, and they are at the RECONDO school run by the 5th Infantry Division (Mech) which would be at Ft Carson, CO. When I went to ANCOES in 1973 at Ft Benning, one of the other men in the class came from that unit now know as "MECONDO" school. Originally the RECONDO school...
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    MACV Recondo School Honor Graduate Knife?

    Part of that video on Redondo School was from some school in try USA. Did not wear Pile Caps in Vietnam. John
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    Prune Big, or Go Home!

    Monday I got my May Knife Magazine and today I got my April Knife Magazine, so I guess the USPS is acting up. I open the magazine and the first article I come across is "English Pruning Knives" by Neal Punchard and Jack Black. Wait I know that second name from somewhere? Nice article and some...
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    Tanto Blades?

    Jay Silverheels, always enjoyed watching him in the Lone Ranger series. John
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    First 2 knives

    Very good job, especially as they are your first two knives. John
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    My Discovery of the New World of the North America Axe, (Out West, As They Say)

    They just had a Blade Show in Texas. Whether the one in Atlanta happens is still up in the air. John
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    Just some fun toys

    Nice shield! When I was a kid we would get wooden barrel tops from someplace, do not remember where, and cut up old leather belts , then nail those leather pieces to the back, One your forearm went thru the the second strap you held with your hand. John
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    Knife identification help

    You will need to post photos to get an identification. John
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    Jack's Random Tuesday Carry

    Jack, Thanks, that is what I thought it might be as it looked like there was a blade showing underneath the knife. Thanks. John
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    Jack's Random Tuesday Carry

    Jack, what is that metal object in #431 with the Richards Scout knife? John
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    Railroad track knife blades – worth a try?

    Some years back there were swords coming out of China made from railroad tracks. Supposedly the hot summers, cold winters and the pounding of the heavily loaded trains over the tracks somehow instilled or tempered the steel so it made superior swords. John
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    Interrupting Stan Shaw's Marmalade Sandwich

    Jack, You did a very nice thing introducing so many of us to Stan and his work. He does not appear to have been a man seeking fame, but must have pleased him to know so many people appreciated his work and respected him for his long, long career in the cutlery business, thanks to you and your...
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    Who else uses a scythe?

    Starts off with a photo of him, his name and born 29 June 1927 died 15 August 2014, and the film was made in 2018? John
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    Interrupting Stan Shaw's Marmalade Sandwich

    Nice write up in the local paper. RIP. John
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    Post your favourite photo of your Traditional knife

    Arathol, Who made the fixed blade in the third photo of #9, the one with the "Heart" stamped into the blade? That Kuksa in #12 has some spectacular wood! John
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    Blades & Beef

    Zulus, I like your eating utensils! John
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    How far back in history does axe eye mounting method date??

    Looks like I should have been more specific in my searching as when I searched "Hawaiian Sea Canoe Building" it came up exactly as Old Axeman had written. Using stone quarried high up on Mauna Kea (volcano on Hawaii) which was called "Ala" and was basalt, very hard stone. One thing that did...
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    How far back in history does axe eye mounting method date??

    Old Axeman, I am not any where near knowledgeable in this subject, but do feel you initial reply to Ernest was over the top and uncalled for. As far as Hawaiians and other Pacific Islanders building amazing sea going canoes, my memory and a quick looking on the internet says that the trees were...