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    Bastard blade talk: Let’s talk about the middle child of knives

    Lol, we've got some different ideas... To me a big knife (18-24 inches) is useful for cutting grass, clearing brush, or trimming the springy bushes. Something under about 4 inches is useful for everything else. Everything 4+ inches to 18 or so inches is a bastard blade IMO. Doesn't mean I...
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    Real world merit of overbuilt blades

    I've been using knives since I was a boy scout some 30+ years ago and have yet to break a single one. The closest I've come was using the screwdriver on a Swiss Army Classic to unscrew a particularly stubborn panel. I've broken the tip of a knife or two, but never the whole knife. IMO...
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    Kabar F/U - new, oldish, older Camillus version

    Much appreciated! That answers my question perfectly and I learned something today, awesome!
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    Kabar F/U - new, oldish, older Camillus version

    So I bought my lovely wife a USSF version of the Kabar F/U knife for Valentine's day, because what says I love you more than giving her something she could stab me with right? That being said, this is the first F/U Knife I've bought since the late 90's. When I was comparing the two I noticed...
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    What the heck is this knife for? Butter?

    At first I thought it was a ham carver (or some other carver/server) but then saw the blade length. Yeah, I'm going with table knife.
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    Mod a Mora for EDC & Self Defense?

    First, I don't carry a fixed blade at least partly because carrying a fixed blade concealed in my state is illegal and I don't want to draw any attention to myself carrying even a small fixed blade knife. Second, I don't see why a normal everyday Mora wouldn't be adequate for 'self defense'? I...
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    Gurkha Kukri - ‘working grade’

    Nothing to do with preference. The HI VUK is nothing like how you've described HI knives. It's (relative to it's size) light, sharp, and every bit a knife made for and sold to the local residents. You've unfairly and wrongly lumped all HI knives into an overly heavy and overbuilt category, which...
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    Recommendation? 6ish” Outdoor Fixed Blade

    Becker/KaBar BK62 Kephart or Cold Steel SRK.
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    Buck Men, does size really matter?

    That is, I think, an affectation of having the perfect tool for the job rather than a good enough tool for the job. When I was doing a lot of alpine climbing I had little use for a knife. I kept one in my first aid kit, but my meals were largely freeze dried, there was no wood with which to...
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    Buck Men, does size really matter?

    Nope, not a minimalist mindset, just a preference for not carrying more crap than I need to. I like big knives, but outside of the kitchen I have practically no use for them and so don't carry them. When I'm hunting I mostly carry a Buck 110. When I'm not hunting I mostly carry a Swiss Army...
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    Quiet Folding Knife?

    If not a rubik's cube, fidget spinner, or wooden knife; then a friction folder like a Svord peasant might fit the bill.
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    Buck Men, does size really matter?

    In my youth, I did the majority of my camping with a Swiss army knife, a Buck 112, or an Ontario pilot survival knife (one of those three, never all at once). Anything with a blade bigger than 5 inches seems needlessly huge to me regarding camping and woods work. That doesn't mean I don't like...
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    Gurkha Kukri - ‘working grade’

    Not for you is fine, but the VUKs are not the overbuilt HI knives you described in your text.
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    Ever use a sporting/survivalist/defensive for culinary use?

    I spent about 3 months in Virginia for some work living in a vacation rental. I purchased a Buck 119 when I got there because I'd never had one and though I'd give it a try. I used it for everything. It did not excel in the kitchen, but at least it was sharp. I use an Opinel #8 for scoring...
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    Gurkha Kukri - ‘working grade’

    So, you HAVEN'T tried one of the HI Villagers that I recommended as precisely what was being sought. Any of the VUKs (Villager Utility Knives) fits the bill as a working knife bought by, and used by, the local people and those of us wishing to purchase something more 'indigenous'.
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    Gurkha Kukri - ‘working grade’

    Another vote for Himalayan Imports. Their 'Villager' knives are precisely what you're looking for.
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    Can you maintain a carbon steel knife with only materials from the wilderness?

    I think we don't often speak of it because purposely rust bluing metal to make a nice finish requires more than just boiling a rusting hunk. Not a lot more, but it is more involved than 'just boil your knife'.
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    Can you maintain a carbon steel knife with only materials from the wilderness?

    If you haven't showered for the last couple of hours, run your finger on the side of your nose from nostril to bridge and back then wipe it on a mirror. That area of your face secretes a lot of oil. Also useful for lubing up the top end of a bow drill should you feel so inclined.
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    Have you ever experienced a "knife incident" at your place of work?

    Man, reading this makes me pretty stoked that I work around a bunch of 55+ year olds that don't think twice about my having a knife. Also that I work around a bunch of former military that likewise don't bat an eye at my having knives around. Heck, even the younger, civilian people with whom I...
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    Can you maintain a carbon steel knife with only materials from the wilderness?

    Sure. If it gets wet you dry it. If you want to oil it you use animal fat and/or nose grease. If you want to sharpen it you use a nice rock. If it rusts you rub it with sand to clean it up (or not). It's just metal.