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  1. rycen

    Spyderco Spyderco's for sale

    Please post a list with prices and descriptions of what you have
  2. rycen

    Real AD 15?

    Should be T10
  3. rycen

    Removing sold prices

    Only two people know for sure what the final selling price is. Nobody likes more rules.
  4. rycen

    SOLD Pro-Tech Malibu flipper black handle reverse tanto

    Please see the updated exchange rules here
  5. rycen

    Mini Recon 1 Review

    Not DLC on the micro just paint
  6. rycen

    Looking for a gayle bradley 2. Up for trade is KJ slyzs bluwie. WITHDRAWN

    Thank you. Just a little due diligence will usually suffice.
  7. rycen

    Date change

    You should be able to do that yourself. On the top right hand side click your name then click account details.
  8. rycen

    Ferrum Forge Gavko Collaboration - Mako 2015 Custom Knife

    Please see the updated exchange rules here
  9. rycen

    Awaiting approval

    It’s something to do with the new software nothing on your end. I approved your post seven minutes after you submitted it
  10. rycen

    How to delete conversation..?

    After you selected the messages a box with options should pop up from the bottom. From their select leave conversation
  11. rycen

    Question about my Talwar

    AUS 8A
  12. rycen

    line through name...

    It means they left the conversation/deleted the message.
  13. rycen

    PRICE DROP - BNIB LE Shirogorov / Chris Reeve UniHation - Unique Graphic Custom Division - Violet - S90V

    Please see the updated exchange rules here
  14. rycen


    No trade values please
  15. rycen

    Banned IP Address

    It just happens sometimes. Usually restarting the phone resolves this.
  16. rycen

    Spyderco Military ATS-34 Question

    No military made with ATS-55.
  17. rycen

    How do I ask a question when the admin deletes the words in my question??

    PAL Knives type above into google