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  1. colubrid

    Great eastern cutlery

    I’ll buy your used Barlows then.
  2. colubrid

    Great eastern cutlery

    Moral right or ethical legal right? Opinions will vary
  3. colubrid

    Great eastern cutlery

    BARLOWS BARLOWS. We want more single blade 15 and 77 Barlows GEC. Do you hear your customer base? Do you see the popularity? Maybe stop trying to make new configurations and make what sells. Quite trying to reinvent the wheel. (I am sure my post will upset those with large numbers of GEC...
  4. colubrid

    Great eastern cutlery

    The OP is absolutely right. GEC could make more Barlows and price them at $78. and sell them all day. I don't understand why they won't reproduce a popular model ?? ??? TO PROTECT THE PRICE GOuGERS...OR to protect THOSE RIPPED OFF BY THEM. or are they part of it, hmmmm? It almost seems like...
  5. colubrid

    Knife you're embarrased to own or admit purchasing?

    A Chinese copy of the Benchmade 940 for $30. Which turns out works better and I prefer the steel more than the real thing. Not easy to tell them apar.t. Even with side by side comparisons I sometimes think the Chinese copy is the better quality,. Beware of anyone selling a green 940 unless...
  6. colubrid

    What´s the best steel?

    I agree .... On your girlfriend and the food. :)
  7. colubrid

    Emerson custom (lowered)

    Sorry I am having trouble with pictures. If anyone wants to see more I have a lot if you post your email on this thread or PM me your email
  8. colubrid

    NIB Microtech Ultratech / Sold
  9. colubrid

    NIB Microtech Ultratech / Sold

    CanceltempImageBnEJHs.png The uploaded file is too large for the server to process. CanceltempImageG8WJRm.png The uploaded file is too large for the server to process. CanceltempImageCnE4Kr.png The uploaded file is too large for the server to process. CanceltempImageT70ZFt.png The...
  10. colubrid

    NIB Microtech Ultratech / Sold

    Brand new in box . Super fresh and clean. Picked up at Blade show last weekend. Double edged OTF. With Blade show insignia 2021 and numbered. Just taken out for pics and fired 3x to insure it worked. *SOLD* Send me your email for pics and/or post your email here. I don't know how to post pics...
  11. colubrid

    Emerson custom (lowered)

    Ernie Custom. Gentleman Jim . Centered blade . Blade is unused. Pocketed a few times. Send email for more comprehensive pictures. Comes with Steel flame Rampant Lion Clip by Steel Flame in sterling silver and also pivot Rampant lion in sterling Silver by Steel Flame. $2575..lowered.....$2349...
  12. colubrid

    Trade :Blade Show Microtech ULTRATECH D/E 2021 for UTX-70

    Brand new in box Microtech from the blade show this weekend. Has the 2021 blade show insignia. Looking for the smaller Microtech UTX-70 or Heretic OTF
  13. colubrid

    Brand new Blade Show 2021 Microtech for GEC Barlow

    I know. Two extremes, lol! Brand new Blade Show Microtech ULTRATECH D/E 2021 . Double edged and just picked up at Blade Show today Friday June 4th. Looking to trade for GEC #15 TC Barlow or 77 Barlow. Or any GEC Northwoods Barlow. Or?
  14. colubrid

    Any GEC knives at the 2021 Blade show

    I was at the Blade Show all day today (Friday) and saw no GEC knives. Was wondering if anyone found any vendors selling GEC knives at the Blade show ?
  15. colubrid

    Emerson MV3

    contact me please
  16. colubrid

    Your most disappointing knife purchase

    I am going to go against the grain here a bit and say Emersons were the knife that I was most happiest with and also the most disappointed with. The Emersons that had weak detent and lock-slip (yes I make sure the lock works on a fighting knife by spine wacking). I sent back and they were fixed...
  17. colubrid

    Knife Storage for 60 Pocket knives

    I work off my phone with pictures and can’t access this site on the phone. That is why I said send emails to PM.