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    Fiddleback User Pics

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    How to buy a CPK field knife?

    There’s one on “thebay” right now
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    Fiddleback User Pics

    Camp knife
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    Whatcha listnin to oo oo?

    I listened to Malcom Gladwell’s new audiobook “The Bomber Mafia” while at work this week (long days of solo installing/grouting wall tile). It was good interesting/heartbreaking/horrifying at the same time.
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    The "Ask Nathan a question" thread

    Thanks to you both for the info and help. I’d have never figured this out on my own. And @Jo the Machinist is too stinkin cool!
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    Awesome fixed blades

    Let’s get that Camp knife a new home. Funds sent Bobby :) @Bmurray
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    The "Ask Nathan a question" thread

    I frequently see references to the knives having an “s grind”. Can someone please enlighten me?
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    Mashed Cat Sheaths and Genius carry concepts

    I ordered some foliage webbing to make a drop loop for a contrast instead of black. I’m thinking of stitching it to leather so the package is flatter in the end instead of using kydex. (just an idea at this point) I do like the previous mentioned ideas of using a horizontal carry option as well...
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    The "Ask Nathan a question" thread

    Yep, I’m eating those dumb words. Just put in an order for a Field Knife. Can’t wait to get it in hand 😃
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    SOLD, 15 DEK1, Delta 3V, AEBL, scales options

    Did I understand correctly that it might still be possible to get a hard/thin Field Knife? @Jo the Machinist
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    What is in the works at CPK?

    Man, I hope so. I’m so dumb, I still havent gotten a hard thin version 🤦🏻‍♂️
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    pics of the sheds too please :)
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    What knife would you like to see next from CPK?

    Has there ever been a discussion about a mini/compact Field Knife? Maybe something around 7.5” OAL?
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    Random Thought Thread

    This doesn’t really surprise me. Every axe I’ve owned and used has done similar. Vintage axes, Council Tool woodcraft, Wetterlings, etc. Minor chips are to be expected. We supplement our homes heat with wood heat. I split probably 2 cords a year. Axes are outdoor impact tools made with softer...
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    Random Thought Thread

    Please elaborate
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    Young Bert and the visiting pup.

    Holy cow, what a story. You have a wonderful ability of entertaining description. Love it @Kismet
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    The "Ask Nathan a question" thread

    Personally, I like thin and light in a knife, especially when dealing with many of the super steels since they can do it just fine. Years ago I sold off everything 5/32” and up. Now 1/8” seems overkill. Typically, with thin geometry you get a great cutter, which is all I’m after. But then...
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    The "Ask Nathan a question" thread

    Well darn it. I watched a few of @Nathan the Machinist videos on YouTube on the field knife and now I’m conflicted. o_O