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  1. cbwx34

    Any Interest in a BESS Sharpness Competition?

    Now you just need the “new and improved” tester... o_O
  2. cbwx34

    How to compensate for angle variations along blade in guided sharpening?

    You adjust for it by where you clamp the blade, in relation to the belly/tip area. See the diagram on this page... ... you can mark the edge with a Sharpie and...
  3. cbwx34

    edge pro and larger knives question

    I think you're correct in your thinking.. my .02, if it's a good deal, grab it. You'll find it a nice addition to your setup. (Might even replace it). ;)
  4. cbwx34

    WSKO Blade Grinding attachment - stropping belts question

    Oh well... worth a shot anyway. :( (Maybe they've had to tighten their belt....) :rolleyes:
  5. cbwx34

    Looking into grinder to sharpen

    I started with a HF 1x30... thought it was fine until I got something better (a Viel 1x42 in my case) and realized how bad the HF sander was. So, my .02... investing in something better initially is beneficial in the long run.
  6. cbwx34

    WSKO Blade Grinding attachment - stropping belts question

    Even though you threw them away... if they were WorkSharp belts, I would recommend you contact WorkSharp directly. I've always found them more than helpful, and wouldn't be surprised if they sent you another belt... plus I'd bet they'd like to know if there are bad ones out there. I've had a...
  7. cbwx34

    Wicked Edge Low Angle Adapter

    A Tormek Small Knife Holder works well on the Wicked Edge for smaller knives... ... allows you to set a pretty low angle too.
  8. cbwx34

    Phone applets for sharpening knives on budget wet grinders

    Haha... technically true... although I don't charge Patrons every month... I just keep enough in the account to fund the Calcapp payment. (And users don't have to pay to use the app...). I'm not making money off of it. Plus, as you know, there are some alternatives available... at no cost...
  9. cbwx34

    Phone applets for sharpening knives on budget wet grinders

    What happened to "blade thickness matters"? ;) Here's a calculator... works on any machine, and just about any platform (iOS, Android, Windows, etc.)... Knife Sharpening Angle Calculator ... open in a browser, save it to your Home Screen (where applicable)... use it like an app. :thumbsup:
  10. cbwx34

    paper sharpening wheels - when your time is important to you

    I rotate the blade, following the shape of the belly toward the tip. (I never just lift or raise the handle).
  11. cbwx34

    Anyone know how to disassemble the Todd Begg Steelcraft 3/4 Kwaiken? (Production version by Reate)

    I don't have this particular knife, but on other knives that do this, I've had good luck just opening the knife, and putting a little lateral or side pressure on the blade, by pressing it into the table. This "binds" the pivot enough to keep it from spinning.
  12. cbwx34

    VIEL Belt Sander availability

    Haven't tried it myself... but a number of Viel owners seem to be happy with the Penn State Industries variable speed motor (I think it's also on the SharpeningMadeEasy website).
  13. cbwx34

    VIEL Belt Sander availability

    Found this on a site that sells them... Because of COVID-19 restrictions, Viel Tools is unable to ship these sharpeners to the USA.
  14. cbwx34

    Hack to get consistent angles on bench grinder (wheel)?

    Maybe? Laser Guided Paper Wheel Sharpening Also described HERE You can also do this... (start around 37 sec.)...
  15. cbwx34

    Belt Sander Setup

    I tried the discs... my .02 is, it didn't work that great. Other ideas presented here are mucho better. ;)
  16. cbwx34

    How To Tormek etc., calculation of tool rest position for desired angle

    Wheel size is not that critical... a simple metric ruler, or even the markings printed on the machine, will do the job. ;) Might also be worth mentioning that there are several calculators available, that do the work for you... several are listed HERE
  17. cbwx34

    Belt Sander Setup

    It works... Laser Guided Wheels ...(and I still use it this way). ;)
  18. cbwx34

    Belt Sander Setup

    Bummer... it didn't say that when I looked yesterday. But I did read somewhere a while back that they were discontinuing that one for one with a bit more HP... which it looks like they did.... p.s. You might consider joining the "Sharpening...
  19. cbwx34

    Belt Sander Setup

    Steve is still in business... send him an email, he's pretty good at responding (although keep in mind it's Christmas). :) He sells the Viel and adapter last time I heard... but you have to get the motor direct from Penn State ( ). Another...
  20. cbwx34

    Sharpening system?

    Might also want to look into some of the sharpener's that are similar to the Edge Pro, but hold the knife in a clamp, like the TSProf, and others... since you're already used to the Edge Pro setup (and might be able to use EP stones on them). Between the two you're asking about... two totally...