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    Anyone else guilty of not exactly, well, maximizing the use of their multitools?

    I think there is a reason that Leatherman came up with the Skeletool family. Those are the tools people use most often and perhaps almost exclusively.
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    Boker Plus these days o.0

    That's been my experience, I stay way from any Boker that isn't from Solingen. But I'll argue that Boker doesn't have a problem with picking the right OEM, but rather doesn't want to pay enough to build a design right.
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    Budget Multi-tool

    A Leatherman Rev is $40. The Leatherman Bond is $50. I'll second what Dergyll said, cheap multitools are a PITA. There is always something wrong, be it screwdriver heads that are too wide for slots, pliers that don't line up, laughable wire cutters, etc.
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    Recommended sharpener??

    I don't like diamond stones and even I recommend them for high vanadium steels. Ultrasharp has good reviews from a very credible sharpener.
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    Ultra sharp 600

    Diamond stones of this type - basically grit stuck on top of a metal plate - start out coarse than their strict grit rating, simply because of how they are constructed. As opposed to resin stones or grit on strops. Since diamonds are friable, they wear in to the stated rating. I believe...
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    2021 Victorinox Tiger Orange Pioneer X

    I have it in Classic Alox. It's been out for months - in and out of stock at internet retailers. It's a darker orange than I like.
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    Shopping Japan Knives has information on the smiths on their website. Also you can go to their forum, and discuss the knives there.
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    It can shave, but not slice a tomato????

    Of course Obsessed with Edges covered it. I'll just add that my knives on .5 micron stones cut tomatoes very cleanly.
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    Recommend a SAK to me

    The Victorinox Money Clip or the Ambassador - they are 74mm. The money clip is a flattened, aloxed and clipped version of the Ambassador.
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    How long I must soak these stones?

    If a stone is not magnesia bonded, you can permasoak. The general rule is no more bubbles. The more often you use the stones, the less it dries out and the shorter you soak (assuming you don't permasoak). But your usage will show if that is enough.
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    Legendary Boker Quality, what a joke

    Well a couple points: Boker will not pay to have quality made over seas. The only dependably high quality Bokers are the Tree Brand. I've had bad luck with the rest. It doesn't have to be that way, high quality knives are made everywhere. They just won't spend the money. And as said, this is D2...
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    Case corelon handles

    Yes, the texture is just a bit grippy without being tacky. Keep in mind that the actual pattern you will get is random - it will be the same mix of colors, but how they are mixed isn't going to be the same as the pictures. I do have a few and like them.
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    Al Mar Osprey

    I have one in Black MOP. Unfortunately Ospreys are smaller than I like, so it's reserved for dressy occasions. Much nicer than a SAK Classic. Al Mar really had great knives before the recent Chinese made run. Just great examples of factory made high end fit and finish.
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    Which sizes of silicon carbide grits do I need?

    You don't need every grit under the sun.
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    Stropping recommendations for kitchen knives

    I have always preferred to by diamond spray or compound rather than that crayon stuff - the particle sizes are more known and is on the label. Although what I do more often is use a very fine stone instead of a loaded strop.
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    Real world merit of overbuilt blades

    They certainly had fixed blade knives then and if there was a need the cutlery companies could have certainly made overbuilt knives. I'll agree that convenience and overall material prosperity wasn't the same. But knives have been around forever, they didn't get smaller because people were just...
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    CJRB knives

    I have a Ria, well made. One of my current primary EDCs.
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    Real world merit of overbuilt blades

    I suppose it depends on what a person's 'normal' is. But over a century ago, when life was not so prefab and had less conveniences the basic traditional patterns sold very well. Stockmans, Trappers, and Peanuts have always been top sellers in traditionals. Even farm hands were fine with...
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    Why do knife blades only bend once?

    Their answers are of course correct. The short answer is harder means more brittle and knife blades are hardened.
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    Leatherman's new Ratchet Driver

    Funny, I've had some ideas on a redesign of the Skeletool - put a Neiko ratchet in the space where the carabiner is. On the other handle would be stowage for a bit extender and the blade would be removed. I think there is enough space and thickness to significantly beef up the ratcheting...