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  1. jc57

    Who still carries a Case Knife?

    Not if you drop it into a patch of bright green foliage like in the backdrop of that photo!
  2. jc57

    Who still carries a Case Knife?

    Looking back at the start of this thread 7 years ago- and thinking, the answer to the original question is "pretty much all of us."
  3. jc57

    "Carl's Lounge" (Off-Topic Discussion, Traditional Knife "Tales & Vignettes")

    So..... bright..... my eyes! The light... it hurts us, precious!
  4. jc57

    "Carl's Lounge" (Off-Topic Discussion, Traditional Knife "Tales & Vignettes")

    Luckily I am well cured of knife-acquisition-syndrome so I don't care if I don't have enough post counts to qualify to buy another pocket knife. I still have a hundred or so I have not yet used up. Since I guess I need a knife image: Here is one I bought with all intentions of using, but it...
  5. jc57

    "Carl's Lounge" (Off-Topic Discussion, Traditional Knife "Tales & Vignettes")

    It is that day to not believe anything you see on the Internet. Not quite sure how that is different from the other 364 days, though...
  6. jc57

    Who still carries a Case Knife?

    Some gorgeous knife photos, folks. Thanks for posting them. I figure I'll always be a Case man up until the end. GEC, Buck, Queen, Victorinox, and a few others are in the mix, but Case is my jam, as the kids say. I carry them, use them, appreciate them all the time.
  7. jc57

    "Carl's Lounge" (Off-Topic Discussion, Traditional Knife "Tales & Vignettes")

    Oh what a difference 5 and a half decades makes! When I was a kid, weeks like this would have been wonderful and magical. Snow on the ground for a full week, icicles, staying home from school! We don't see this very often in south-western Tennessee. Apparently this is in the top 4 snowiest...
  8. jc57

    Use that Knife Desk Flyer!!

    Well, back in the Before Times when I actually worked at a desk at my employer's offices, bladed implements were frowned upon if not downright prohibited (at various sites and times) so pretty much all I had with me was a SAK multitool on the keychain (Alox Mini Champ), which seemed to fly under...
  9. jc57

    Vintage game shears?

    When I sharpen scissors, I use the medium rods from a Spyderco Sharpmaker. I hold the scissors open and generally stationary with one hand and hold the sharpmaker rod in the other hand, just going along the existing edge bevel. Some kitchen shears can be taken apart at the pivot which makes it...
  10. jc57

    If you could only carry one.

    This is one of those weird questions because it is both unrealistic, and requires you to pick a compromise that you might not actually normally choose otherwise. If I could truly only carry one pocket-tool with a blade on it, then it would be a Victorinox Alox Electrician. Gives me a curved...
  11. jc57

    Case 18 pattern questions

    I have several fairly recent 6318s (made in the early 2010's). The Pocket Worn Old Red Bone version has the full clip. The others have the California (Turkish). =
  12. jc57

    Finally got my first rat knife

    Had this beautiful Case Chestnut Bone CV Muskrat for a while. Super pocketable, great knife if you happen to like that slim clip and want two of 'em! Same frame as the 6347 Stockman. I sent this one on to a fellow forumite in Europe. It gave me much more pleasure to know it was in someone's...
  13. jc57

    Help identify my knife

    It is very rare. It appears to be zero of a kind!
  14. jc57

    "Carl's Lounge" (Off-Topic Discussion, Traditional Knife "Tales & Vignettes")

    Just thinking how nice it is we have this friendly little corner of the Internet where people from various walks of life, countries of origin, countries of residence, genders, backgrounds, interests, professions, and religions or lack of any of the before-mentioned, all can gather and have...
  15. jc57

    been putting my chef knife in the dishwasher for years... why bad?

    Unless you are looking at the edge with a loupe, you might not notice it, but you can get micro-pitting / edge-wear from those mildly abrasive dishwasher detergents. They are enzyme-based and dissolve food. While the overall effect on the blade itself may be minimal, the edge itself is (or...
  16. jc57

    My new “load out”.

    That is a nice set of kitchen knives. I like the handle and bolsters on those Yaxells. Looks like they'd work well with a pinch grip. Also the overall flatter blade profiles. That custom at the top is ideal - looks like the back half of of the blade is pure flat! I like my chef's knives to...
  17. jc57

    How To Fix Gritty Action

    I had this issue with a gorgeous brand new GEC #15 Boy's Knife a few years back. I have NEVER sent a knife back to a seller or manufacturer, but I thought I was going to have to with this 15. Action was stiff, gritty, almost impossible to open and close. Oil didn't help, WD-40 didn't help...
  18. jc57

    Have you ever experienced a "knife incident" at your place of work?

    In a former career, law enforcement, yep, a number of knife incidents, though not like employer-employee stuff but more like people you were arresting having knives concealed in unusual places. That was a time in my state when there were carry and blade length restrictions, which have since...
  19. jc57

    Interesting Knife Uses

    I doubt it is an unusual practice, but I use the spine of my chef knives as a board scraper to separate processed ingredients on my cutting board and sweep them into bowls or directly into cooking vessels off the board. I actually own a dedicated board scraper but generally the back of the...