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  1. thurin

    Fiddleback on Tap Saturdays

    Wrong pint glass, but good stuff all around.
  2. thurin

    Blade Show Preview

    Good lookin batch. Have fun at the show.
  3. thurin


    Sorry for the late response. I will post up some in hand pics if those would still be helpful. The descriptions above would match mine. Bushfinger blade. Longer-ish handle which I like. The height of the handle is shorter than other knives in this size range and without any belly makes it...
  4. thurin

    Fiddlebacks on the Rocks

    Old Fashioned Fiddleback Friday
  5. thurin

    Fiddleback on Tap Saturdays

    Two things I love, local brews and this Bushfinger.
  6. thurin

    Turley knives

    He's still going strong. Search for his website and instagram, those are his primary contact points.
  7. thurin

    The Bushcrafter pic thread

    Old pic of a trio. Everything is much too clean in this pic. I'll have to dig 'em out and take it again after 5 years of use.
  8. thurin

    Let’s see those Fuzz Sticks

    Some oldies:
  9. thurin

    Fiddlebacks and Food

    Nice hot sauce collection @VANCE !
  10. thurin

    Fiddleback on Tap Saturdays

    Celebrating my 50th with the best beer in the world.
  11. thurin

    Attention BIG CHANGES: New Shop, New Website, New Fiddleback Friday, New Team Members

    Congrats Andy and crew on all the big changes. New shop looks like a good fit. New site is classy. I'll miss seeing who sharked what in the Fiddleback Friday thread, but I hope the new store and Friday process opens things up to a new audience of buyers.
  12. thurin

    Fiddlebacks and Wildlife in Costa Rica 2018

    Sweet trip report! Great pictures!
  13. thurin

    Fiddleback on Tap Saturdays

    Keeping it lightweight tonight while working on taxes.
  14. thurin

    Fiddleback ANYDAY Pocket Dump....Updated title

    Wife got me a sweet new SAK for Christmas.
  15. thurin

    Merry Christmas 2017!!!

    Merry Christmas all, albeit a little (lot) late. Been disconnected while spending Christmas with my mom and family in the frozen north and just got home and back online. I hope it was a blessed one for you all.
  16. thurin

    The Flea Market Mung Absolution Thread

    I guess it means it looks like this?
  17. thurin

    Fiddleback on Tap Saturdays

    A Longfellow for a Tall Beer: