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    good multipurpose oil/grease lube for folders?

    I find mineral oil the best general all purpose choice and have had no issue with it.
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    Need an alternative for the discontinued Spyderco Whale Rescue Blade

    It is also difficult to make a recommendation without knowing more details on the modifications that were done and maybe a few more details on how the knife was used or what specifics of that model made it so great.
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    Anyone else guilty of not exactly, well, maximizing the use of their multitools?

    I love and do use the pliers enough that all the rest of the tools I don't really use are just filling gaps it would otherwise still have. I do use the knife, and saw along with the screw driver a fair bit when I use my multitools. Besides my Leatherman which resides in my car I have a Swiza...
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    MrKnife’s Box o’ Knives Number 39

    Cool good news look forward to seeing some new updates on this fun series
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    MrKnife’s Box o’ Knives Number 39

    Its good just wanted to be clear since I got the impression that maybe it was misunderstood.
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    MrKnife’s Box o’ Knives Number 39

    I wasn't trying to do anything other than keep myself in the loop sometimes the new threads start without notice for me and I miss out on much of the fun in these giveaway threads. With the new forum software even more reason to think I might miss out on keeping up with the thread.
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    Atlanta Blade Show 2021?

    I can understand issues with flying I haven't flown since I think 2004 no real plan to anytime soon. I have checked google maps it tells me I can get to Hawaii by driving to the west coast and then kayaking to islands so seems I have options :p
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    MrKnife’s Box o’ Knives Number 39

    Has there been any movement on this? I just ask as sometimes I miss the new threads and progress on these.
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    Atlanta Blade Show 2021?

    I would consider going but I already have plans for that weekend so it just wont happen for me regardless of any health concerns
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    Bad Survive! Deserves A Permanent Post In The Hall Of Shame

    The warehouse is for all the cash they have swindled from people
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    GEC #89 Fruit Knife...well, that was a surprise!

    The 89 could be a decent doctor's knife though I would prefer the flat but on the handle to make it more traditional but it is the right size just add the fun spatula "blade" into it but the size and general design is mostly there.
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    Lets talk GEC!

    Well if 420HC so offends any 89 owners particularly in Chestnut I will happily remove such offensive material from your collection
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    Recommendation? Sharpener

    So lots to consider after setting the budget Free Hand vs Guided? If Guided do you want Powered or Manual? What steel(s) will you be sharpening? Do you plan or want to change the edge angle? How polished do you want to go? What kind of storage space do you have for a kit? I can't say much for...
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    Steel recommendations?

    @Larrin posted a whole article on it and I believe it gave some details on the HT process
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    Do not buy from Hinderer Knives

    You can praise the warranty of most any company but I would be surprised in even half of them would have warrantied this "issue"
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    ~Project Complete!~ I'm making friction folders! What blade steels do you want to see in them?

    I got one of his knives recently and love it I happened to get one in black Micarta and really love the feel of the Micarta not sure how it would compare to the G10 but definitely happy with it.
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    Welcome back! Current status, known issues, and more.

    Might require gold to see what people want to buy is going to be my off hand guess since you need gold to sell it seems logical you would need gold to see who wants to buy.
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    Scary and impressive gun accident

    I saw that video and yes it was amazing and terrifying I think I have already seen some new content on his YouTube channel that looks like it would be his more usual content.
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    Lets talk GEC!

    Did all the #89's get produced and release I have seen the Acrylic and Glow version but I recall a wood version listed that I haven't seen anything on yet.
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    May 2021 Buck of the Month - 830 Marksman D2

    With the remark earlier of it having a Stormtrooper vibe I wouldn't be surprised if a SW fan got this planned early for a May the 4th release