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  1. Barrettboy

    PRICE DROP! Hinderer, Jeff Park, Liong Mah, Spyderco

    Is the Native Anniversary still available?
  2. Barrettboy

    SOG SCUBA/DEMO (SOLD) and 1980s TIGERSHARK - fresh and minty

    Hey everyone. Selling a few more knives to help fund someone's retirement. He's let go a few more SOGs. Considering the value of the Tigershark, I'd reeeeeally prefer to ship it within Australia only. If I do sell this overseas, I'll only sell it to proven, longer-term BF members. Sorry. The...
  3. Barrettboy

    Lost/Stolen knives in Portland OR - Spyderco Native 40th Anniversary and Protech Strider PT

    It never hurts to ask... I buy lots of stuff in the USA and use proxy shipping companies (currently Comgateway) to consolidate them all and ship to Australia. End of last year I bought from members here a Spyderco Native 40th Anniversary and a Protech Strider PT with black aluminum scales...
  4. Barrettboy


    Repeat customer. Lightning-fast shipping, and one of the few who do free international shipping above a certain threshold. I wish more did that. I go there when I want good deals on European and Scandinavian knife brands. Still cheaper to buy American knives from US stores.
  5. Barrettboy

    BIG lot of Spydercos - Milis, Q, Ocelot, Schempp Persian, DODO plus lots of productions

    Hi all. A mate recently found a box in the back of a cupboard containing 40+ Spyderco folders. Most come with their original boxes, and while none of them unfortunately have their original paperwork, each knife was carefully wrapped in paper before storage. Some of these are quite rare and are...
  6. Barrettboy

    Could someone please identify this older knife?

    Hey, thanks so much. I did look on the Spyderco retired products page but must have skipped over it.
  7. Barrettboy

    Could someone please identify this older knife?

    Hi all. Sorry to be a pain, but I was wondering if someone could identify this knife model? I recently found 40+ Spydercos (some new, some old, all gonna get sold off) in the back of a cupboard and there are 3 that aren't in boxes, including this one. When I search for "Spyderco Persian blade" I...
  8. Barrettboy

    Is this a fake? S&W Homeland Security 1st Production Run

    All good points. I just wanted to make sure I'm selling crap, not fake crap.
  9. Barrettboy

    Is this a fake? S&W Homeland Security 1st Production Run

    Hi all. A friend is cleaning out his knife cupboard and asking me to sell stuff for him. I found this knife but I'm pretty sure it's a fake. Supposedly a S&W Homeland Security 1st Production Run. No pictures of this configuration online, the blade profile is correct but it looks to me like a...
  10. Barrettboy

    DROP Terzuola ATCF, vintage Benchmade 840 & Spyderco Lum - pics fixed

    Hi all. For sale: DROP Terzuola ATCF with slate blue scales, 3.4" S35VN tanto, limited MassDrop out of production. Never used but box is damaged from shipping. Feels great in the hand. Original info: $220 SOLD 840S Ascent in ATS-34, zytel...
  11. Barrettboy

    Vintage Discontinued Leatherman folding Knives

    Hi all. I found a bunch of old discontinued Leatherman folders in a cupboard. Unfortunately some of these have rust spots on that godawful Leatherman low-grade bead-blasted steel they use for some components (I'm really ticked off about that; one of the packets even still had a desiccant satchel...
  12. Barrettboy

    Vintage Gerber - CFB, Mark I (sold), Frisco Shiv set (sold), Moray (sold)

    Hi all. Selling a few more unearthed cupboard treasures for someone. Prices below are USD, payment through PP G&S or direct bank transfer. Postage is free in Australia but around $20AUD international. Let me know your country and I can give you an accurate shipping cost. Some pics below but...
  13. Barrettboy

    Vintage Late-90s Benchmade Folders - PRICE DROPS - 710S, 800P, 812S, 840S, 910S

    Hi all. Selling a few more unearthed cupboard treasures for someone. These knives are from the 90s, and except for the 710 the Benchmade logo still has "Bali-Song" in it. They all feel GREAT in the hand, very ergonomic. I'm sorry to say, a few of these have some dings in the blade, or have...
  14. Barrettboy

    Spyderco, ZT, A.Purvis

    Hi. I'm interested in the Native, but in the clip-side pic there's a mark at the swedge. Is that a scratch, or just oil or a photographic artefact?