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    Payment sent. Thank you!
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    Steel Cutting Board

    Cutting food on a griddle is really common in restaurants. Go to any taqueria and watch how they chop up the meat on the griddle. Usually its a standard NSF food service 8" or 10" chef knife. A beveled griddle scraper/chopper is common too. These are dull, low-HRC, ductile tools, but they work...
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    Any Interest in a BESS Sharpness Competition?

    Awesome. Consider me your first customer whenever it’s ready
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    Scissor and shear sharpening? Help needed

    Sharpeners Resource Group, mostly pro shear and clipper sharpeners. Very helpful and helpful with any questions
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    Scissor and shear sharpening? Help needed

    You You might need to establish a new ride line. There are some good scissor sharpening groups on FB where the full-time pros hang out. Might be good to pop in there and post some pictures for more expert help
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    Scissor and shear sharpening? Help needed

    I’m not an expert on hair shears, but One of the main tests the full-time guys do is a single ply of toilet paper. Separate the roll and make a single cut into the piece. You should be able to cut cleanly all the way through the entire length of the cut. Any snags, threads or fuzz will feel like...
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    Recommendation? Shop clothes - apron for grinding and general shop work?

    I have that exact one. It’s very lightweight and thin. Comfortable to wear, but I don’t think it offers much protection compared to an actual black smithing apron.
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    Any Interest in a BESS Sharpness Competition?

    Awesome. I would be happy to buy one! Maybe some others on the BESS forum would be interested too. Thanks!
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    Any Interest in a BESS Sharpness Competition?

    Can you share a link to the clip-on weight please? I’d like to check it out. Tensioning always seems subjective on mine.
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    Looking into grinder to sharpen

    The WEN 1x30 has variable speed and a decent 6" disc sander built in. The slowest speed is still a bit faster than a Kalamazoo but works pretty well. A step up from the HF, but still not very expensive
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    Any Interest in a BESS Sharpness Competition?

    This is going to be fun to watch!
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    Recommendation? Shop Building Advice

    @Stacy E. Apelt - Bladesmith This is an amazing list. I'm in the process of slowly converting my one car garage into more shop space and have been slowly "discovering" a similar plan. It's great to see it all laid out by someone with your depth of experience.
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    Who here makes lanyard beads?

    That’s a great looking bead! Do you drill the hole before or after grinding it to shape?
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    Is Micro-chipping the cause of dull razors?

    Very interesting! Do you think that evaporites could similarly dull kitchen knives if they were left with some water on the blade?
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    Would putting a opinel blade in a sak work?

    It’s popular to put a spyderco honeybee blade onto a SAK, less modification than an opinel blade. The multi tool forum is where all the SAK modders hang out, and you’ll find more info there.
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    lionSteel Beerlow

    I’m excited for this one!
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    Handled First Blade, Questions

    I'm another newbie and I found this article from Fiddleback Forge to be really helpful. Great explanations and pictures. Especially on "the poop test"
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    2020 GEC #19 Little Rattler Thread

    My #19 stag just came in. Thank you Santa and thank you @knifeswapper !