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    Madison Barlow Give Away. ***Winner***

    I've always been partial to the square bolstered serpentine Jack knives with clip and pen blade, but they seem hard to get in higher quality anymore. All I can find are cheap versions! Jeff
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    one-of-a-kind Spyderco

    Thanks brownshoe!
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    one-of-a-kind Spyderco

    303, your inbox is full and you cannot receive PM, email me!
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    one-of-a-kind Spyderco

    Hey 303, PM me and I will see if I can help you out on that Gen 1. Jeff
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    one-of-a-kind Spyderco

    Thanks guys for the comments. Good idea Surfingringo! I wish Spyderco would design a knife meant for modding. But I'm always modding my things. I have about dozen or so knives from Benchmade, Becker, Bark River, ESEE, and several others that have mods and while some are cosmetic, others are...
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    one-of-a-kind Spyderco

    I've always liked the Wegner knives and the small Walker models and so, I remade the Lum ... Close-up of the blade ... Front-side ... This now compares favorably to the Delica and in fact, you can tell that this is one of my regular carries. I have several Lums and yesterday I pulled...
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    Difference m390 and 204p para

    In Ankerson's famous blade testing thread, he rated the Para II in CTS 204P as a category 1 in perfomance and the M390 Military in category 2. I would guess there are no real differences and the heat treat (hardness) causes the slight differences in the blades and not the steel.
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    Playing with texture again...

    I think that would make one perfect neck knife! I love the textures and the style. It's hard to not like this one...great construction and style plus looks like a practical design. I would like mine with a lanyard hole to weave a nice leather piece for even more texture. I really like your...
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    Bark River Gameskeeper 4V?

    If you go look at the specs on Crucible, then you find 4v is about 2/3's of the toughness of 3v and almost twice the wear resistance. Wonder if BRK will offer others with this steel. Anybody know?
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    Stretch: ZDP or Super Blue?

    For obtaining a hamon you only quench the edge during heat-treat. I doubt you will have a hamon since it will probably be fully hard to the spine. Besides, the labor involved to edge quench each blade would be too costly. Also, it makes no sense in a folder whose primary purpose is slicing...
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    Kershaw Funxion Walmart Exclusive?

    3Cr13 is very low carbon compared to 8Cr13MoV. If it's like most low carbon/high chromium blades then this will probably have an HRC in the low 50's (50-55), where the 8Cr13MoV will run in the upper 50's (55-59). 3Cr13 might compare closely to 420J2 steel, while 8Cr13MoV performs much like AUS8.
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    Uncle Henry With Carbon Blades?

    Hey, koldgold. I think your specs are right but I also think you meant 440C instead of 440B. My comment was the use of BG-42 for William Henry which was the topic of the thread. Sorry, misunderstood. I remember that knife and it was nice but pricey! I would love to have William Henry...
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    Uncle Henry With Carbon Blades?

    I don't think 440B has more than about 0.8% carbon and I have never heard of Schrade using BG-42. If they "snuck" it into their knives then they sold them too cheaply and never advertised it, or did I miss that one? I guess I could have.
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    The Mighty Mora Robust Knife

    I would recommend either a Clipper or Companion in stainless for food prep. Both have just less than a 4" blade and with 12c27 stainless, almost no chance of rusting. I have several Companions and for the money, they are one of the highest values in fixed blades.
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    Para-Military in CTS-204P

    nccole, mine expired too and i called today to give them updated cc info. they told me the same: late may to early june. you'd better call and update the information or you might lose out.
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    Terry Primos tactical fixed blade - forged 1084/ironwood

    Made by Terry Primos. Comes with 4.25" 1084 blade (hamon visible) and Desert Ironwood handle with German nickel-silver guard. OAL is 9". No sheath, but comes with zippered storage pouch. Looking for $225 shipped (gift option using PayPal). If interested, let's talk. Look here for picture...
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    Primos tactical fixed blade

    Still available and priced to move faster! I am asking $225 including shipping. Jeff
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    Rob Simonich blades reduced - Talonite and S90V

    I am selling two very rare knives that are ready for somebody's collection. Both were made Rob Simonich before he started his Mid-Tech venture and represent some of his best work. Both are in excellent condition and are as they were sent to me. Both unused and neither have been used to cut...