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    Gave a kid her first SAK today

    Thank you for this inspiring story! I'm sure Julia is cherishing it right now. The Trekker might get lost in the future but the memory won't.
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    Giveaway (because you guys are awesome). - ENDED - WINNER CHOSEN

    I'm in! (even if just for the Gold membership). Stay safe everyone!
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    100,000 Likes Giveaway - Winners Drawn!

    I'm in! --- Most people are shocked when they find out how incompetent I am as an electrician.
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    Counterfeit, anyone?

    Fake AD15 really looks fake in video
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    How handy is the leatherman squirt?

    On a daily basis I carry a Squirt in a caddy with my folder inside my front pocket, mainly because of its pliers. I also have a Victorinox Classic inside my coin purse, which is placed inside my back pocket. I use the Classic's small blade a lot for light slicing and cutting duties.
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    Camillus Barlow

    Apologies for resurrecting this old thread. Just want to get more info about this Barlow that I just bought yesterday. Built like a tank! Was this made in the 90s?
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    2nd Philippine Cutting Competition (PCC) photos

    Thank you to your father and servicemen and women like him who helped liberate our country from Japan in WWII. We are forever grateful!
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    2nd Philippine Cutting Competition (PCC) photos

    Thanks! The local knife group that co-hosted the event was full of talented blade smiths and apprentices Yes, coming from various sources in a country with 7,700++ islands and hundreds of dialects! And its getting stronger and stronger with younger generation taking on blade smithing!
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    2nd Philippine Cutting Competition (PCC) photos

    The 2nd Philippine Cutting Competition (PCC) was just held today at Cebu, Philippines. Quoting from the PCC's Facebook page: The Philippine Cutting Competition (PCC) is a growing sport in the Filipino community. It is patterned after BladeSports International Inc., a non-profit corporation...
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    An Ode to the 2-Blade Jack

    I do believe I'm in the same cutlery journey as you as I find my 2-blade jack collection growing, Padruig! Great collection, pics and post!
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    What's Your Case Slip Joint of Choice?

    My first Case, given to me by my brother in law, a Carhartt Mini Trapper Wharncliffe 6107W SS made in 2013. Its so efficient and solid.
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    Dog Days of Summer GAW #2 - BF 2016 Drover

    Congrats @gaj999! Thanks again for the opportunity @pmek5 !
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    Which Spyderco are you carrying today?

    Manix 2 LW :thumbsup:
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    Am I the only one?

    You know they call it the Alox Pox, yes?
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    2019 GEC Pemberton Thread

    I'll keep this in mind in my next patina project. Thanks!
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    2019 GEC Pemberton Thread

    I decided to patina my 06 by submerging in unboiled vinegar for 30+ minutes and sticking into an apple for 5 minutes. I'm still unsure whether I love or hate the result o_O. Thoughts?
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    2019 GEC Pemberton Thread

    I'm ecstatic and he's happy so I guess it was a good trade :)
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    2019 GEC Pemberton Thread

    Just got my 2nd GEC. Traded my Case Slimline Trapper and Canoe for this 062219. I am ecstatic!
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    Dog Days of Summer GAW #2 - BF 2016 Drover

    I'm in. What a beauty. Thank you for this opportunity, sir!