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    Does the name of this steel as marked on the blade affect your decision to buy?

    Z-Finit just exudes more awesomeness. 😁
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    Nice giveaway!
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    Recommendation? Large(ish) Front/Top Flipper

    Love the knife but dislike the blade marking(s). :rolleyes: That damascus needs to be sterile with maybe some branding on the spine or something subtle.
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    Recommendation? Large(ish) Front/Top Flipper

    The problem I have is that I know I need a larger knife, especially a flipper. Then factor in the availability/cost/wait time of a Burger only to find that in my orangutan (not joking at all) sized mitts it needs to be returned (which I don't like to do with a perfectly functioning knife) or...
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    Recommendation? Large(ish) Front/Top Flipper

    After following your suggestions and hunting around for a while I landed on a Bestech Exploit. 3.5" S35VN so it's pretty close to what I was looking for, and has nice lines. :thumbsup: Seems to check most of the boxes for me, I'll find out...
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    Recommendation? Large(ish) Front/Top Flipper

    Thanks for the replies so far! I'm liking the Laconico collab from Artisan and a couple others mentioned. The WE Roman styled would work, if it had a pocket clip... Looks like a fun design. Liong Mah KUF 2.0 had my attention but looks a little fiddly to get a thumb on the lock bar though, always...
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    Recommendation? Large(ish) Front/Top Flipper

    Bear with me folks, this is my first recommendation thread I think... :rolleyes: As the title states, I'm looking for a front or top flipper with some size. The problem with doing my own search using those parameters the results are usually all flipper types and I'm looking for front or top...
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    Photos Spyderco Matriarch 2 (newer batch?)

    I've broken the tips on both Matriarch and Civilian so maybe that's a reason for some Spydie CQI? Anyway, I like the new blade shape, looks more durable and edc friendlier.
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    Knives and Coffee

    So, around this time last year a friend asked me to save the metal bands from coffee bags to sew into face masks for molding around the nose. Anyway, she never asked for them and I've kept saving them figuring that they'd be useful for something... That something today was a running total of...
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    Military and para military. What are titanium ribs for?

    Sums it up, "Stlye and Preformance".... Hopefully the machining is more accurate than the spelling. :rolleyes:
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    Wife is terrified of this thing…

    Keep the knife... ;)
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    Attention Handle Material for the 2021 BF knife!! 1st Poll

    Originally I thought ebony would be the option so it matched our last GEC forum knife, but now I'm slowly coming around to the option of bone. Whichever direction, all works for me thank you.
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    "You may be a knife nut if..."

    No sound is the right sound. ;)
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    "You may be a knife nut if..."

    if... your collection is measured by volume and weight rather than numbers... :rolleyes:
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    line through name...

    I noticed REK (formerly Razor Edge Knives) had a line through the name and recently requested and had a name change. Not sure if that has anything to do with the line through the name though....
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    Traditionals and Cast Iron Cookware

    Some leftover stromboli toasted in a little olive oil. :) That's a 14" Lodge, the big ol 97 sort of dwarfs it.
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    The unofficial, non binding, carries no weight, 2021 forum knife possibility discussion thread

    Not to stir anything up but some will frown upon those monstrosities in the traditional section no matter what the intention.