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    The CPK - Buy, Sell and Trade thread

    SOLD WTS 3V FK2 OD green scales. Never used to cut anything. I have carried it in my hunting pack on a couple trips but was never able to use it. Knife is flawless. Kydex has some marks from being in backpack. Shipping usps priority. If you would rather have ups or FedEx,we can work that...
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    Red g10 skaha 2

    Lnib skaha 2. Red g10. Never carried or used. Has been flipped. I'm the original owner after being on the wait list for two years. Trying to fund a grail. USA only. Shipping usps included in price. PayPal goods and services. $245 obro The action on this knife is superb and such a nice...
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    CKF Decepticon 4 // Maserin pitbull blue.

    Moving a couple more, chasing a grail. Both have been carried. Both in great shape and no real flaws other than signs of being carried. Ask for more pictures if you need closer detail. I think prices are fair, I can't find a blue pitbull anywhere and the CKF was a limited run. Both are m390...
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    Microtech stormtrooper UT//heretic manticore e prototype

    Time to move a couple. Both lnib. Have been handled, but never carried or used, other than open and close the blades. Stormtrooper has a tiny mark where the clip touches the scale, it came like this. I can send you video or pictures if needed. PayPal goods and services and usps priority...
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    edge retention question

    Hello Fellow knife enthusiasts, I was wondering if any edge retention experts could weigh in on this. I have many knives and many different steels. I own a landscaping business, so Im out in the field working most days, which means I get to use my knives a lot. I see edge retention tests...
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    ZT, Olamic, liong Mah, Reate, Civivi

    i have sent you an email.
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    Ckf ossom AVAILABLE

    Still have this?
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    Would you buy a expensive knife on credit?

    Only if you can afford it is what i say.
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    The "Ask Nathan a question" thread

    Good info. Thank you
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    The 'I ❤ Nathan' Thread

    Since this is is thread about love, i love that farmer tan on nates arms. Thats impressive
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    The "Ask Nathan a question" thread

    Good to hear. I havent had a chance to put it to use yet, so im glad to hear what you say. I bet it will also feel better with my work gloves on too
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    The "Ask Nathan a question" thread

    Nathan, (or anyone else thst has the answer), How does the handle on the MC compare to the handle on the BC. I just got a BC and i am having a little trouble finding a comfortable grip. It seems like the handle is just a tad too large for my hands, and i dont really have small hands. Just seems...
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    Photos! Post your CPK photos here!

    mailman was good yesterday and brought some big brothers to keep the FK2 and EDC3 company.
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    The 'I ❤ Nathan' Thread

    ahh, makes sense. I love brain farts.
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    Random Thought Thread

    weather not so great today. yesterday was sunny and snow all melted away in town. Woke up today to new snow. hah. landscaping season is almost upon us here, so I will soon have my chances to be putting my CPKs to work. Had the FK2 out with me hunting coyote yesterday, but i got skunked...
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    The 'I ❤ Nathan' Thread

    please dont take this the wrong way, but I think it should say the Nathan and Jo in the title. :P