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    In for one
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    The CPK - Buy, Sell and Trade thread

    Two CPK's up for sale. 1) Original Field Knife with natural micarta scales. This is the delta 3v version and is in new condition. Asking $sold 2) EDC2 Delta 3v with antique micarta scales. This is also new and comes with the vertical sheath. Asking $300 OBO. Price drop I will cover the...
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    Forty, CPK Utility Field Knife, Delta 3V

    In for one with burlap and TecLok please and thank you.
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    Sale Proxy Requests

    My wife is heading into labor and delivery! She will absolutely kill me if I am on phone trying to get a knife. Any chance I could get a proxy for a filed knife today? Thanks so much.
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    The CPK - Buy, Sell and Trade thread

    I have an original FK delta 3v with natural scales in new condition that I am looking to trade for an FK2. I love the original version and wouldn’t let it go if I didn’t have a couple others, but I would like to try the new version. Please let me know if you are interested. Thanks
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    The CPK - Buy, Sell and Trade thread

    Interested in the hdfk.
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    Survive GSO 4.7 and 5.1

    New Survive GSO 4.7 CPM 3v factory first with bone linen scales. $325 OBO GSO 5.1 CPM 3v factory 2nd (although I am not sure why) new with back canvas micarta. $350 OBO Thanks
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    I will take it per our pm’s
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    CLOSED, PRE-ORDER: Heavy Duty Field Knives

    One in natural micarta please
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    Adventure Sworn Explorer 1

    I will take it if Wenochs doesn’t want it.
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    Survive! knives delta 3V GSO 4.1 (withdrawn)

    I have a new factory 2nd 5.1CPM 3v Black micarta with a black sheath new model that I would be interested in trading.
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    The CPK - Buy, Sell and Trade thread

    Just had to go and up the ante huh Betzner. I will add some serious cash to the deal should a person want to let go of a skinner Reading this today it comes off more serious than intended. And now I read that I am not the only one who would offer a kidney for a skinner. ;)
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    The CPK - Buy, Sell and Trade thread

    Edc2 antique micarta new in box up for trade. I am looking for something in d2 by CPK or Dozier. I have an elk hunt coming up and would love to see how d2 holds an edge. I would really like one of the Nathan's early model d2 skinners, but I won't hold my breath.
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    CLOSED, PRE-ORDER, 12" Behemoth Chopper

    I will take one in antique micarta. 1/5 sent email
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    Thanks !!!!!