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    Looking for info on Anthony Feight Knives

    Sometime between 2005 and 2008 I bought/commissioned two custom fixed blades from a fellow named Anthony Feight (I could have the spelling wrong) who was then based in North County San Diego. I haven't been able to find any information online about him. I was wondering if he kept making knives...
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    Love my Mini Griptilian, what should I get next?

    940s are nice but they are barely bigger than a Mini-Grip. If you like the Mini Griptilian but want something a bit bigger, the obvious choice is a Large Griptilian. Also consider getting custom scales for your Mini-Grip, or for a Large Griptilian if you get one. The scales on the normal...
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    Shirogorov Nudist Slim Custom Division S90V roll bearings

    Stunning! Full flat grind? Or slight hollow grind?
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    bought a benchmade today

    The Griptilian is one of the best overall pocket knives ever made, and 154CM is one of the best overall steels for a pocket knife. So I think you did alright. Enjoy the knife and the awesome Axis lock.
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    Going clipless.. what's in your pocket?

    I'm with you. Pocket clips ruin the ergonomics of a knife, and only make it harder to get out of and back into the pocket. I carry my Griptilian, 710, Contego, and Adamas clipless. If I was going to do something very active where I was worried about the knife falling out of my pocket, I would...
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    154cm is no slouch!

    I think 154CM is still one of the best overall steels for a pocket knife. I love super steels and tool steels, especially M390, S90V, D2, and M4, but 154CM has a great combination of ease-of-sharpening, corrosion resistance, edge retention, and toughness. I've never had a 154CM knife chip during...
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    Barrage Blade Play Okay?

    A little side-to-side play on an Axis lock is acceptable, and normal (not desirable, but it doesn't hurt the function of the knife). Unlike some other lock designs, such as the liner and frame lock, side-to-side play does not effect the lock-up on an Axis lock. I've owned 8 Axis lock knives...
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    940/users or safe queens

    I don't understand the idea behind a 940 as a safe queen. It isn't going to increase in value. It is a classic knife because it is a fantastic EDC blade and a great user. It is not a collector's knife. Now, a special/rare edition of the 940 (like a gold class, 940-1, first-run, dealer exclusive...
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    I still like Benchmade, but I think I'm done with the axis lock.

    I won't say it is your fault, but I do think you are just unlucky. Broken Omega springs certainly do happen, but they are fairly rare. For you to have such bad luck with them breaking is far from typical. I have owned and carried Axis lock knives for 10 or 11 years and I haven't had any of...
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    Benchmade 710: A truley classic knife

    I think the 710 is one of the overall best pocket knives ever made, regardless of price. I used to own a 154CM version. For some reason I couldn't put my finger on, I wasn't in love with it at the time. I had other Axis knives I liked more (again, at the time... my tastes have changed since...
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    Overbuilt, Tough Work Folder

    Spyderco Manix II XL Benchmade Adamas Benchmade Contego ZT (anything)
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    I recommend folders from Tom Mayo, Bob Dozier, and John W. Smith.
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    Battle of the sub 40 and 200 dollar folders

    I don't own any of these knives, but I have a couple pertinent opinions: Buck's 420HC is really good. It isn't super hard, but it is easy to sharpen and takes a great edge. For EDC, it is more than adequate. If you are cutting rope or something, it will dull quickly. For EDC chores, it is...
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    Noooo way. No freaking frickah frakin effin way man. Broken backspacer??????

    Thanks. It's funny because it is true. It's physics. Most Contegos won't, either. Which is the two knives is overall better for hard use? That's up for debate. but documented testing has shown that the Contego is one of the top hard use knives and very capable of taking very hard use. This...
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    Noooo way. No freaking frickah frakin effin way man. Broken backspacer??????

    I've seen pictures of Sebenzas with broken blades from being dropped. Very rare, though. Still a great hard use knife. I've heard of Emerson liner locks failing with minimal pressure. Very rare, though. Still a great hard use knife. I've personally owned Striders with edges that chipped out...
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    If it helps ease your regrets about the Skirmish, I had one and it was pretty terrible, IMO. I am a huge BM fan, but the Skirmish had some issues. The opening hole is chamfered/beveled, which makes it very hard to get a good purchase/grip on it and open the knife. The lock was also very sticky...
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    Beer and Blades!

    BM 710D2 next to 22oz of Honey Hips In the cold box, making sure the 2480 gallons of beer are cold, and safe. Protecting 31 gallons of beer aging in a Bourbon barrel. Guarding the 1860 gallons of beer in the fermenter.
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    Noooo way. No freaking frickah frakin effin way man. Broken backspacer??????

    Any hardened steel can break, chip, or shatter when it hits something much harder than it is. This is true of any knife. The Contego is a very strong knife, but it cannot defy physics. Again: It is *NOT* the case that every Contego will suffer a broken back spacer if dropped on linoleum...
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    Adamas 275BK, My new acquisition

    That's exactly the next knife I want to buy: The black G10 plain edge Adams. Nice pics, and congrats!
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    How many of you have just one or two knives?

    I don't know exactly, but I am sure I lost money. All of the production folders I sold were at a loss. I broke about even on the Bob Doziers, maybe even made a little money. I had a couple Doziers in Mike Norris Damascus that I made a fair bit of money on. I wasn't buying/selling as an...