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  1. Paracelsus

    What does the word zen mean?

    I have read quite a bit of the classic and modern Zen literature. I know enough to know that I don't know enough to adequate define it to anyone. I am also deeply annoyed by the constant and incorrect use of the word Zen in our modern culture. The book Zen Mind, Beginners Mind is an...
  2. Paracelsus

    looking for a custom menuki maker

    I would contact Scott Slobodian. He makes menuki for his swords and tantos and also does other minature figures. He is very proficient at carving and casting. I would guess he would be happy to discuss your project with you. http://www.slobodianswords.com/
  3. Paracelsus

    BACKA show Aug. 27-28

    I just got back from the show and wanted to say Thank-You to Ed Caffrey, Sheldon Wickersham (Melvin-Purvis), H Wray, Nick Wheeler, Bill Ruple, Paul Basch, Randy Nifrand, and all the volunteers at the show. Some quick impressions: This years BAKCA knife by Bill Ruple was a sweet file-worked...
  4. Paracelsus

    BACKA show Aug. 27-28

    I'll be there. It will be great to finally meet Ed Caffrey. I'll be bringing one of Ed's MS test knives along with me. Ed, I assume you would like to see 'Bound by Faith" again, and I sure can't wait to see your new work. Please don't sell everything before opening time Sat :) Para (Brad...
  5. Paracelsus

    What is ats-48?

    I'm still waiting for ATS-51. It is reputed to be the latest and greatest in reverse-engineered alien metal technology. It is tougher and holds a better edge than anything out there. Stealthy too as it has an almost invisible radar and x-ray profile. ATS-51 is the steel to look for...
  6. Paracelsus

    ladies and genlemen the small sebenza

    That's why I avoid them. I don't need to add any new addictions, nor do I want to join a radical sect of political extremists, no matter how good intentioned they may be ;) Para
  7. Paracelsus


    Thanks Cliff. I always learn something from your posts. As for the meaning of life, there is no meaning or purpose that can be expressed by any number of words. In particular, 42 is too many. One is enough. Para
  8. Paracelsus


  9. Paracelsus

    What was your first post?

    It's in this thread in the custom archive: Paying for the name I don't tend to write as much anymore ;) Para
  10. Paracelsus

    Knife Knut Classification..

    Well, I sure didn't read it that way. I think it's too bad that a personal feud has interupted a very funny thread. Lighten up a little. His comments are personal only if you choose to read them that way. Notice that I took a shot at sebbie lovers here in this thread and some of my best...
  11. Paracelsus

    Wood carving knives - need some suggestions

    X-acto knives web site Edit: Oops, posted link too soon. It looks like that site is a distributor site, not the company itself. I looked around a little but was unable to find the actual company web site, if one exists. Sorry.
  12. Paracelsus

    Wood carving knives - need some suggestions

    I would strongly recommend any of the knives from Flexcut. KN13 and KN14 will make a nice functional pair and cost less than $20 each. Woodcraft also carries nice carving knives. What you what is something with a long (5 inches or more) handle and a relatively short blade (less than two...
  13. Paracelsus

    Knife Knut Classification..

    I love your post Alan. Your taxonomy is pretty accurate, but perhaps ill-advised in your characterization of the sebenzanistas. Those knuts are zealots and fanatics! They are not at all rational. Best to not wake them out of their torpor. They have razor sharp claws, travel in packs, and would...
  14. Paracelsus

    how to sharpen ?? dos and donts

    Practice, practice, practice. The sharpening FAQ listed above is a great place to start learning about sharpening. I sharpen freehand on a variety of stones, but that takes time and effort to learn to do well. Many people love devices like the Spyderco Sharpmaker which helps keep a constant...
  15. Paracelsus

    Best Bowie Steel?

    First, there really is no 'best' steel for any purpose or any size blade. Second, you need to decide if you need a high chromium (stainless) alloy for your intended use and level of care or if you would prefer the (normally) greater toughness of a low chromium steel with it's inherent tendency...
  16. Paracelsus

    Arizona Custom Knives ??

    Wow, this is one heck of a good way to destroy a formerly great business: ignore your customers, ignore your suppliers, don't leave a note or any forwarding address. Sheesh.... Para, a happy customer of the 'old' AZCK who will never place an order with the 'new' AZCK (Absolutely Zany Crazy...
  17. Paracelsus

    what are your favorite medicinal herbs?

    Yes, in fact the use of its gel as a topical burn soothing agent is relatively new. The aloe family has been used as an emetic and laxative for centuries. Paracelsus, grower of succulents and cacti including some large and rare aloe species
  18. Paracelsus

    Best swords

    Lhet is a 16 year old trying to set a new record for number of posts (currently at 52) on his first day here. I doubt he would know what a sword really is, let alone know anything about the 'best' sword. Lhet, I am 511 year old wizard, and I am watching you boy... Paramused
  19. Paracelsus

    Our downtime and the future of BladeForums.com

    Spark, that was the Best damned rant I've seen around here in ages. Nice one! I really thought you had finally lost control and done the right thing for once. :) I'm glad to see you still have a sense of humor. Para, wishing Spark and his family peace and happiness