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  1. Chang

    October 98 registered members! Please stand up!

    Mostly tailored clothes like suits, made to measure shirts, traditionally welted construction dress shoes. It ended up being more costly than even knife collecting as a hobby so I gradually gave up the knives. Now all I have is an Opinel in my pocket and a Cold Steel SRK on my equipment.
  2. Chang

    October 98 registered members! Please stand up!

    I'm still alive as well, but I haven't really posted on this forum in the last few years. Joined this forum at 14 years old and grew up here. Then I ran away and joined the Army... been to some really strange places. I mostly collect tailored clothes now, but checked in here for old times sake.
  3. Chang

    Gerber Applegate Knives

    I've had two. One I bought and the handle screws worked themselves loose and I have been too lazy to ask Gerber for more screws. The other I found near an airfield, I lost it shortly afterwards after it got caught on some ambulance straps. Both were the Covert model. OK knife, for the price...
  4. Chang

    Ka-Bar Vs SOG...or....

    I've had good luck with my Cold Steel SRK. Maybe not the highest quality wondersteel, but it's simple and durable. 50 bucks is really easy on the budget.
  5. Chang

    Business Attire Knife

    Honestly, I don't think G10 is the handle material you want to go with if you're carrying as a dress knife. I think you'd be better off with a slipjoint like a high end Laguiole. Only problem is they are kind of bulbous around the handle and I hate having keys or other stuff including knives...
  6. Chang

    Closing up shop, free stuff (IL)

    Hey Mike, I sure did, I ended up going in the medical field, I just finished my 91W Health Care Specialist/Combat Medic school. Hope all is well with you Mike, and again, thanks for everything you taught me and helped me with. My new e-mail is [email protected]
  7. Chang

    Closing up shop, free stuff (IL)

    Hi NotDos, a gentleman from Florida called me already and claimed it. Just missed it.
  8. Chang

    Closing up shop, free stuff (IL)

    Hi, not sure if anyone remembers me, I used to mess around with knifemaking a couple years ago while in school. I ended up joining the Army about 7 months ago, back on leave, but leaving on the 31st. I found a bunch of goodies that I think some of you may be interested. Some of it is pretty...
  9. Chang

    Changes in the industry in the last 2 years?

    Woah, Blackwood production collaboration, now that's cool! I could have sworn I missed more. Last I heard, Stellite and Talonite were the new super materials, anything else come out recently?
  10. Chang

    How to maintain angle when using a stone

    Practice, crutches only make it worse. I've tried just about everything, just makes it worse. Practice with your hand like you would be when holding your knife, now make forward stroke repeatedly until you are satisfied you can keep your hand still. If you have to, go slow when you are...
  11. Chang

    need some to grind my knife tip down - Seattle area

    It's not very difficult to do it yourself. A garage tool shop can be used to modify and even make knives. If you have a belt sander and a cup of cold water, you can do it. Work on the spine with the sander and dunk frequently to keep the heat down. Use a fresh coarse belt only, the other...
  12. Chang

    frustration with sharpmaker, paper cutting vs. shaving

    Try stropping after you finish with the white stones. A little bit of white rouge or green strop paste works wonders even if you just strop on regular leather. The ink and paper on newspapers acts as a super fine abrasive as well and polishes edges up a bit, so if you don't have anything to...
  13. Chang

    Lansky Deluxe Diamond Knife Sharpening System?

    Another vote for the Edge Pro. Had to sell it, unfortunately. Miss mine. I don't do anything but free-hand now, but man that Edge Pro was sweeter than any other rig I tried and I tried a bunch. I had a Lansky, and it was alright, but the angles are not correct at all for most knives, and...
  14. Chang

    Changes in the industry in the last 2 years?

    Wow. I can't believe I've been here for nearly 5 years now. That means more than 1/4 of my life has been spent as a BladeForumite. Hard to imagine, I know. I've been out of the world of knives (except for making some of my own in the garage) for 2 years, haven't really bought anything new or...
  15. Chang

    Easy Sharpening Steels?

    I've found 1095 and 1084 to be extremely easy steels to sharpen. The only problem lies in that most people won't make folders from it because it's not usually available in precision ground and it's also not really stain resistant at all (far from today's super steels in just about every...
  16. Chang

    Nobody supports my hobby...

    Relax bro, it gets easier. I'm at the advanced age of 19, and 3 or 4 years ago, I was afraid to pull my Benchmade or Microtech out of my pocket when my folks were around. They freaked out when I bought a Buck knife. I started sharpening kitchen knives for them, and they started to understand...
  17. Chang

    Restoring Nazi daggers?

    I got a Waffen SS dagger yesterday, made by Alexander Coppel and Sons, 1939, I believe. It has a lot of patina build up on the hilt and pommel, and the blade inscription is heavily scratched in the middle from the scabbard, and has some black marks on the blade. Does anyone know the proper way...
  18. Chang

    Bringing knives and guns in Canada?

    Good info, thanks Eric. Out of curiosity, are there any restrictions on body armor in Canada? ;)
  19. Chang

    Bringing knives and guns in Canada?

    I'm going to Canada for a week, leaving Monday and midnight. What's the rules for Canada and crossing through customs? I was told I'd have to pay $50 for a firearm permit, but what kind of gun can I bring there? I was told my AR-15/M4 would be a no-no, not that I'd need a gun like that. As...