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    Emerson Karambit, Silver Satin Finish Plain Edge

    Do you still have that karambit you were thinking of getting rid of? If so, I`m interested..... Thanks....
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    Buck Knives moving?

    I heard on the radio yesterday that Buck Knives will be moving their operations out of Kalifornia. Is this true, or just old news? It was the first I`d heard about it.....
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    Busse Basics

    The old one was "lost" or (more likely) stolen. It was my sons hunting/bugging out knife. He misses it terribly!
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    Busse Basics

    Does anyone know if there may be a dealer out there that still has the Basics in stock? My son is trying to replace his Basic 7. They are very hard to find. Anyone know where I might get a hold of one?
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    Buck Broadheads?

    Correct me if I`m wrong, but I could have sworn I`d seen Buck Bows someplace, like Basspro. Is this correct? I think your idea about Buck broadheads is excellent. I wonder if they`ve ever done this in the past.
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    CJ on TV last night

    I was flipping thru the channels last night when I happened upon a familiar face. Sure enough, it was CJ Buck, on the NBC(?) Home Shopping Network. Evidently he was guest of Bass Pro and he was hawking some of the Buck/Basspro exclusives. I`m certainly not used to seeing decent cutlery...
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    My new SOG Tigershark

    At least he has a knife that`s nine inches......
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    Kershaw Factory Seconds

    I kinda like the bear......
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    strider fake

    They make copies of S&W`s? That`s copying a copy, isn`t it? So, it`s a fake, twice removed.
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    Anybody Know where to get a "Q"

    I have a Q you can have for cheap. I never use it and it ought to go to someone who can appreciate it. Name your price, I`m not looking to make money on it.
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    Need "big fixed blade" suggestions......

    I`m looking for a hard use, camp/survival knife. I`m looking for 10" (+ or -) in the $200 range (+ or -). What`s out there?
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    What is the best small knife for use in sheeple workplace?

    I`d recommend using your car keys, like the rest of the non-knife carrying population does.
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    Win Fame, Fortune and Valuable Prizes

    Mini-Dyad. I use it @ work everyday.
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    Official Response to Article in Sept Tactical Knives

    Smith and Wesson thought they could play fast and loose with bad legislation without any consequences. They were wrong. If the knife industry backs bad legislation, it does so at it`s own peril. It`s heartbreaking to see another company whose products I use and respect end up on the wrong side...
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    I don`t see where this guy suggested taking knives to school. I think we may have lost something in the translation from English into American. I think when he says "for school kids", he means school-aged kids who can`t afford to buy knives. I don`t think he meant for kids to take to school...
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    Mike Dye/New Graham Knives/=Great

    A brick and mortor business has a building, where one can shop. (Hence the name "brick & mortor.) It`s a retail business. (As opposed to an ebusiness, where shop virtually, online.) New Graham Knives/Pharmacy has a building that you can shop in. It also has a website and a mailorder business...
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    How do you order a custom when you know exactly what you want?

    That`s a lockback. The other thing is refered to as a mid-lock. If you want an opening hole, I know there are custom makers who have paid Spyderco for the use of their patent. I`m not sure if it applies to "one of`s" made for a customer`s specs. P.S.- What you described sounds a lot like a...
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    help! a bandit in provo has my knives

    Better make sure you know the Federal & local laws concerning autos before you involve the feds!
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    La Griffe Lookalike

    Why, that design is COMPLETELY different. The S&W has scales on the handles. The LaGriffe doesn`t! See? Nice and legal, like!
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    Official Response to Article in Sept Tactical Knives

    I, personally, find it depressing the AKTI`s only "official" response to all the threads concerning the problems in Cali is a post that reads like a PBS fundraising letter. http://www.bladeforums.com/ubb/Forum30/HTML/000131.html Maybe it`s just me.......