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    Knife accident

    no knife badge for you!
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    Thread on the planets/stars

    i didn't read the original thread, but interesting you asked for this as i was checking this video the other day. http://youtube.com/watch?v=mcJ35f57O8Q
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    wine opener

    i hear you with the costco piece. since it's so cheap (i think mine was $10) there's probably a hit and miss factor due to quality control. however, i bought a few as gifts too and they vary, but a few a pretty impossible for the women to use. regular waiter's wine opener is definately an...
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    wine opener

    had a rabbit knock-off from costco, was made of metal but was always very stiff and moderately difficult to use because of this. figured it was simply due to poor precision of the parts that make the lever work. so i bought a metrokane rabbit, but because of its plastic construction it's...
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    Best advice you've ever gotten, or given.

    "just be" ...
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    Fenix P1D CE Q5

    P1D-CE for the win. love mine (wish I could find it!)
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    Best advice you've ever gotten, or given.

    slaughterin hogs together? que romantico!
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    Best AA LED Light

    thanks for the link blades, looks like a nice light! complete control on the brightness gradient :eek:
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    just ordered Fallkniven U2 and BM 14205

    U2 is sweet. very utilitarian, no-nonsense design. like the laminated blade too. can take an incredible edge.
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    Can two rights make a wrong?

    this story is a bummer. yeah, raffle sounds poorly thought out. people handling this obviously have good intentions just not really fully aware of the problems it could create, and seem a little incompetent. especially with kids who are very easily excited and get invested in something like...
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    Here's a tough one, help me remember this 80's toy.

    haha i had completely forgotten about these. good thread.
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    Replica Watches

    do you mean bell & ross? which models in particular do you like. there are probably some nice, less expensive alternatives out there. what is your price range?
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    Vista OS

    i run vista on my newish machine, no problems.
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    Benchmade 551 Griptilian or Kershaw Cyclone??

    i have the cyclone. get the benchmade.
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    Happy Thanksgiving All. Work on your vocab while you feed the hungry. http://www.freeSPAM.com Thought this was interesting, and their daily statistics are pretty impressive. or feel free to make a donation directly to the world food program, as I did. http://www.SPAM.org/ Rice is cheap...
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    Request for smoke and prayers.

    you can do it tarmix. i admire your candidness. everyone needs support, be sure to keep asking for it. those who love you will be eager to provide it.
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    Stars & stripes in TV

    i always wondered about this
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    Got my Guiness record!

    whoa that's disgusting :barf:
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    Need weapon for office environment

    i agree with the pepper spray suggestion. seems more practical, easier to use, is a more sensible tool for most confrontations, and is less likely to cause you to lose your job. and god forbid if you end up using actually it, it's easier to guarantee you'll be perceived as being on the...
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    Highly irresponsible me...

    i think you're over-thinking everything. it's pretty simple: if you behave in a way people might find threatening, expect them to respond. if you don't care how people react, then do what you want. if you do care, then behave accordingly. but i think making stabbing motions into a block of...