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  1. sheepdog26


    Just sent you a pm!
  2. sheepdog26

    Early TCs/SFOs for 81 Abilene

    Just sent you an email. I have the knife at home.
  3. sheepdog26

    Early TCs/SFOs for 81 Abilene

    I just sent you an email
  4. sheepdog26

    Beer Scout and Bear Lake

    I know this is not what you are looking for, but I do have this.
  5. sheepdog26

    BF Knives

    I'm looking for a list of all the GEC BladeForums Forum Knives. I also saw on the production totals a Green Tea Jigged Bone 748212 and cannot find a picture of that knife on the interwebs. Can someone put me on the right path.
  6. sheepdog26

    WTT: Pro-tech Strider SNG for Pro-tech Strider PT

    I've got a PT if this falls through. Also you inbox is full.
  7. sheepdog26

    Trade My TC Barlow for Your TC Barlow

    ISO of BNIT both GEC TC #15 Saw Cut Stews Blade Barlows. I have to trade both 2nd year run TC Barlows. 1. GEC #15 Antique Yellow Sawcut Real Barlow 2. GEC #15 Black Ebony Wood Toms Choice. Both are BNIT. PM requests for more pictures if you have the trade I am looking for. I will only send...
  8. sheepdog26

    More stag GEC

    Can I get pictures of the 55? Sorry if GunGrabber passes.
  9. sheepdog26

    BNIT Gec

    Send you pictures to you PM.
  10. sheepdog26

    BNIT Gec

    Yes. It's never been carried or used as bone and as mammoth. It was done by Chris Baker. I had him do this one and a 15 boys knife.
  11. sheepdog26

    BNIT Gec

    Looking to move a few of my GEC knives. First I will take it gets it. All Knives are Brand New and come complete. Price includes Priority Shipping. 771116 Bone Micarta Mod with Mammoth. $400.00 142116 Smooth Antique Yellow Bone. $300.00 235220 Antique Autumn Natural Bone. $150.00 933119...
  12. sheepdog26

    Radio Jack for Soda Scout

    Paul. Just a heads up Ian is a stand up dude, I've done deals with him.