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    Spyderco Delica M390 - SOLD

    I'll take the Delica 4, my email is (this is where my email was)
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    Spyderco Schempp Rock and a Silky Ono hatchet

    I am interested in the Leatherman Super Tool 300 please email me at Nicolas.o at gmail.com
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    Paramilitary 2 M390 BNIB with TI Scales Pricedrop now (325 cad)

    Do you only take EMT? nicolas.o at gmail.com
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    SOLD Spyderco, GEC, FF, Boose for sale

    Interested in the Spydie Chef please email me a nicolas.o at gmail.com thank you
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    KME Deluxe sharpening system with extras

    I'm interested, my email is
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    SOLD Shirogorov Neon Lite M390

    Second in line if its still a possibility? Nicolas.o at gmail.com
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    Knives for sale or trade!!

    I'll take the protec, thank you.
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    Knives for sale or trade!!

    Very interested, what do you mean you have to push on the inside of the liner to close it? Could I get more photos and or a video as well please. Nicolas.o(at)gmail.com Thank you
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    For Sale: Folders, Fixed blades

    Interested in the Pakkawood Delica, no box? please Email me at Nicolas.o (at) gmail.com
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    WTS: Southard Tolk, Guardian Tactical Helix

    Would you have pictures oh the Tolk? Nicolas.O @Gmail.com
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    Huge Knife Sale CLOSED

    Is the Griptilian and Link still available? Email me at Nicolas.o @gmail.com
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    Doh, thank you.
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    oh ok, I though that blade came in a Tan colour, sorry.
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    Did you change the scales to grey G10 or did that colour come with the knife originally?
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    awesome knives for sale

    Also interested in the PM 2 if the previous person doesn't end up taking it.
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    9 for Sale - Rhidian, Dowell, Poltergeist, Lionsteel Dom, GEC 44, JE Made loveless city knife

    Unfortunately for me as well, it was gone by the time I saw it.
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    9 for Sale - Rhidian, Dowell, Poltergeist, Lionsteel Dom, GEC 44, JE Made loveless city knife

    Interested in the DragonFly in Pakkawood and the Benchamade Anthem, sending you an Email.
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    Why isn't the Shirogorov importable to Canada? I have an Orange, washered 111, had no problems with that one.
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    BURGER KNIVES EXK1 Front Flipper - SPF

    I think the cost was where it now says SPF (Sold Pending Funds), I believe that's what it means.
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    [SOLD] Spyderco Knifeworks Military C36CFTIP

    I'd assume each otherwise, take my money!