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  1. misque

    Good useable chopping sword...

    Note: Bold added by me. I just pulled out a more powerful magnet, balanced the machete (at it's balance point, 1.5" in front of the guard) and slowly went down the length of the handle with the magnet. There is a strong attraction down to just behind the back bolt, about 1/2-3/4" back...
  2. misque

    Good useable chopping sword...

    Yeah, that 2 hog chop with the CS Chinese War Sword was cool looking. However, I don't know what to think of their sword cutting demos in general. For example, they were chopping through sides of beef ribs with a number of their swords. The best cow rib slab chopper turned out to be...
  3. misque

    Vintage "Old Hickory" knives from Ontario Knife Co?

    Yeah, that one came down to me through my granny on dad's side. The blade is 12" long and it's in great shape for a knife it's age. :D Along with it came an old French Chef's knife with integral bolster and tapered tang. The 12" blade also has a distal taper. The maker's name was long gone...
  4. misque

    Vintage "Old Hickory" knives from Ontario Knife Co?

    Guess I can share a couple of my favorite oldies:
  5. misque

    CS Kukri vs. HI Khukuri?

    bob124, Are you serious?:eek: You've brought back an 8 year old thread to answer the OP's question. Necrothreadia at it's finest.:rolleyes:
  6. misque

    Read 'em and Weep!

    I'll agree with the brilliant part. I'm having an extended love affair with my D2 JYD II from Kershaw. I've had the knife for many months now and it has become my main EDC. All my other Kershaws are jealous. The man has a real Zen for folder design, huh?
  7. misque

    Yuna...........Combination Hard-1

    That is one seriously cool looking folder. I'm in love with the blade profile.
  8. misque

    Where can I get older "Old Hickory" knives?

    Can't help you with locating them, but, I can whet your appetite: Good luck on your hunt!
  9. misque

    Qing Dao - Openwork - Chinese Sword Fitting

    WOW! I'm really impressed with your talent. That is some amazing work! Can't wait to see the finished sword. Yowza!
  10. misque

    Anyone scared of that knife that cut them?

    Ummm...let's see. A CRKT Mirage did major damage to my right index finger and totally changed the way I'm able to use that entire arm now. As my surgeon said, "It's not a finger injury, it's an arm injury because it will affect the way the entire arm works from here on out". He was right. It's...
  11. misque

    Good useable chopping sword...

    I have a Banshee, and out of the 18 (or so) swords in my collection, it's my favorite beater. Quite tough and a damn fine hack'n'slash sword. You might want to take a look into the Cold Steel Two handed Katana Machete too. I've been beating one up here lately and it is incredibly TOUGH. Botched...
  12. misque

    Fatwood Hunting with CS Two-handed Panga!

    Hate to bring a dead thread back, but, on the question of tangs, I have the CS two handed Khukuri machete and it's tang extends the length of the handle as far as I can tell. I took a magnet to it and it stuck the whole way down the handle out past the lanyard hole. Now, I need one of those...
  13. misque

    Seki-Cut Damascus Folding Katana

    What are y'all paying for these? If you don't mind sharing. These are the first knives I've seen in months that have piqued my interest away from swords.
  14. misque

    12c27 vs aus 8

    Troop pretty well sums up my experience with these two steels. :thumbup:
  15. misque

    Functional Katana for under $100?

    Musashi makes a decent Katana for the money. Make sure you get one of the newer 1060 steel ones. There are still some of the old 1045 steel models out there. Those are light cutting duty swords. They also have a number of <$100.00 kats that are clay hardened with a true hamon. The Edo period...
  16. misque

    Spidie pics

    Thanks for ruining my breakfast, lunch and dinner for the next week or so, Joel. I might need therapy after that.
  17. misque

    The Scoop

    Now there is someone who likes their ice cream!
  18. misque

    one more custom tsuba

    That is a gorgeous tsuba! Made with chisels and hammer. That blows me away.:eek:
  19. misque

    It's Monday!!!!!

    Magnum Camp Jan. 2011?! Good grief...:grumpy: Oh well, maybe I'll be back from sword collecting by then.:D
  20. misque

    Spidie pics

    If I ever had a favorite spider, (like that'll ever happen), it would have to be those jumping spiders. The little suckahs have big brass spider 'nads. They are like the chihuahuas of the arachnid world. They think they're a helluva lot bigger than they really are. I once had one jump on me...