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    May Day! . . . May Day! . . . The 2021 "Knife-A-Day In May" Offer Is Here!!!

    damn it i screwed it up.forgot about the time.
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    21-21Ganzaaa . . . . .This Sunday February 21, 2021 . . .

    well i did score on the 7b.just paid for it
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    21-21Ganzaaa . . . . .This Sunday February 21, 2021 . . .

    i put in for 2A,6A, and the 7B.my phone said 8 pm central an my laptop said 7:58 i don't know which was right.tossed a coin and went with 8 pm on my phone
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    CupidGanzaaa 2021 Pricing and Ordering Procedures!!!!

    just have to wait and see if i was quick enough
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    Aurora Borealis Kodiak: More knives

    let me know when you finish some
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    Custom Shops with price drops-3rd and final price drops

    i'll take the Custom Shop HOG Trough Raider- INFI- hammered satin with CBTs- ironwood with rosewood liners, i think- 1100
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    Aurora Borealis Kodiak: More knives

    would love one with od green and toxic green liners
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    A Cupidganzaaa Of Blizzardian Proportions!!!. . . Coming Wed. February 12, 2020 at 9:00PM Eastern!!!

    got dinged today for the Nuclear Forsaken Steel Heart with the Blizzard Cerakote
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    INFI CrabManDu Custom Grab Bag!!!!. . . Wednesday March 4, 2020 at 9:00pm Eastern

    got mine in today.group b 2nd from left with the lightning handles.love it.beautiful knife
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    We Said That It Was Going To Happen!!! . . . And It Did!!! . . . All In Less Than "2 Weeks" !!!

    got dinged for a Trough Raider dc finish and red handles
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    Benchmade Benchmade Limited Edition Infidel 3300BK-1901

    i'll take it if you can wait till monday for payment